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Thanks for the link, will have a look at that at some point, and it might give me more questions to ask the doc - he was hoping that the meds (hydroxycholorquine) would calm my immune system down enough to come off them, but I dont think that is a possibility at the moment, have had to take extra this year (I can't take anti-inflams stronger than ibuprofen either!!), and I think it is down to stress. I am hoping it is something I can beat though, as I am only 25, and have been on meds for either 2 or 3 years now (memory and sleep have also been affected).
Anyone any tips for dealing with Reynauds? I feel odd when I have to wear gloves to go round the fridge and freezer sections of the supermarket!! Mine is secondary Reynauds, which from a couple of articles I found, tends to be the worst, and more chances of complications!!