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Wow, Hissy!! I think I would have grabbed that pitchfork along with you! Thanks for sharing. Like I said before, this has opened up my eyes to how one should educate themselves FIRST before any medical treatment is required! But how many people really do that, when one is going for a "standard procedure". The average pet owner wouldn't even know where to start (and some wouldn't even bother to know until it was too late).

When I was up last night... I read about Ketamine. There seems to be a debate on it. From what I read, it all depends on what is used in conjunction with the Ketamine. Many vets state that it is safe when used with "x" but not when used with "y". So the research continues. In your opinion, what is a "safer" drug alternative? There has to be both a pain and seditive mix - I'm just looking for alternatives.

Kiwideus, Ketamine is also known as Special K on the streets. Big on the club scene and causes many deaths.

2.5 hours before I pick up the little bundle of fur!!!
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Kassandra, Glad to hear Nakita is doing fine. I was nervous when my cats were spayed, too. It is scary.

Hissy, I think I would have "accidentally" let the pitchfork slip, a pitchfork in the foot can be a subtle sign to get out.
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I'm so glad Nakita is doing better.
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i am so glad to hear that nakita is doing better. i remember when i had my cat's teeth cleaned, i brought her home from the vet and she must not have recovered completely from the anesthesia because she ended up falling down all of the basement steps! i just about fell down the steps too trying to get to her! i felt just terrible! but by the next morning, she was back to her old self. she just needed to sleep off the anesthesia.
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Kassandra, first let me say how happy I am that Nakita is doing so much better! I went through a very similar experience with Jedi when he was neutered. The unstableness, the tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth, the "gagging", and him pulling so hard at his face like he was trying to pull something out of his mouth that he actually rubbed his face raw! And his eyes! His pupils were completely dilated and he had a "crazed" look in his eye. I cried for two hours when he first came home.

It was the most horrible night of my life as I was SURE that they had given him too much anesthesia and had damaged him permanently.

I stayed up with him all night...and he would not go to sleep! Finally, I guess he wore himself out from all the pawing at his face and drifted off to sleep. He was in and out all night, but he finally slept for about 3 hours, early the next morning.

When he awoke, he was SO much better! Walking normally, no stumbling, eyes looked normal and no more pawing at his face. He still seemed a little groggy, and didn't want to eat much, but I could tell he was going to be OK.

I feel for you so much having to go through that with Nakita...but am SO glad to hear she's OK.
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Give your baby an extra snuggle from the DragonLady!
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I'm so glad to hear Nakita will be ok.

Hissy, what a horrible story!! I'm glad to hear that vet is no longer practicing.
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Kassandra, I'm so glad Nakita is doing well. Give her kitty kisses and snuggles from Ivo and I!
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Oh my! I'm SO glad I read this. Boo goes in tomorrow for spaying, and I am going to make SURE they don't give her that stuff! How horrible!!!!!!!!!!
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I've given Nakita all the kisses and hugs from everyone here.

She says thank you.....but she's still depressed!

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Sending kitty smiles and hugs. I'm sure she'll perk up soon - home is too nice of a place, and mommy is too wonderful to stay mad or depressed for long!!!!!

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Kassandra...I am late in reading this, but I am so happy to hear Nakita is doing well now!!! I am sure you are relieved that this is over!!! I also did not know anything about this drug you all are talking about until now...I am glad I am aware of it, I will make sure to ask the vet what he is using the next time I have a cat spayed or nuetered!!
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