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On the verge of tears!!

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I just came back from seeing Nakita. As I mentioned earlier, she went in to get spayed today at around 10 am this morning. The vet said to come by after work to see her.

The vet is a little worried because of how slow she is coming out of the anaesthetic from the operation. It was 6:30pm when we saw her and she was really drugged. The vet said they have also been giving her eye drops because of her slow reaction of her eyelid muscles.

Have any of you experienced seeing your own cat drugged from an operation? It was so horrible seeing Nakita so defenselss. She was trying to stand but couldn't, her tounge was hanging out of her mouth and she looked like she was going through a "gagging" motion. She kept doing an action they term "paddling" where she would "paddle" the air with her paw as if she was hitting something. She was so out of it and it's soo hard when she doesn't recognize me.

He said not too worry and probably 99% that she'll sleep it off by morning. What happens if this is the 1%? God I'm not going to sleep tonight.

He also brought up the fact that she is so small. Wondering if the date the breeder gave us is correct. Also he pointed out that she still has her baby teeth. Now I don't know if Russian Blue's just mature later, or maybe Nakita has some deficiency. More blood tests to follow.

God...I'm not going to sleep tonight....I really hope tomorrow goes well.

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Every thing should work out fine. They will take good care of you baby. (((hugs)))
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I am sending some healing prayers your way, I sure hope Nakita will be okay by the morning.
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I'm sure your puddy will be fine. I'm sending wishes her way. I've fixed many of my own cats, and volunteered at a lot of "nickle spay" clinics, I've seen a lot of cats react differently to the anesthetic, some take an extra long time to come around, others are fine by the time you get home with them. It is soo pittifull to see the cats while they are still out.
But it was always a wonderful opportunity to touch all these ferals which when they were awake, you might otherwise never have been able to.
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Did the vet say what they gave her? Was it ketamine?
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Sending best wishes for your kitty! I'll keep both of you in my prayers. Poor widdle girl(s)! How awful for you.

We've had VERY young cats spayed - and one that we didn't know at the time was sick. We didn't experience the problem you're having, but rest assured the kitty was O.K.

Just for your future state of mind, we were told by the Vet not to have our kitties spayed until they started to loose their adult teeth. Because we deal only with ferals, this is really the only way to tell if they are "of age."

My heart aches for you. Sending healing thoughts and hugs.

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Best wishes your way, I'm sure everything will be fine! When we got Max fixed they asked us to come and get him before he was due for release...he was being very uncooperative! I guess each cat is totally different and each reacts differently to the medication. If kitty was in any danger they surely would be honest with you and let you know. I know it hurts so bad to see them that way though....Stay positive! And give extra hugs and kissed when kitty comes home!
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Everyone, thanks for your replies.

Hissy, I just asked my partner since he spoke with the vet and he said that sounds like it. He only remembers the beginning of the drug sounding like "ket". Sorry but I was more focussed on Nakita.

Is this good or bad?

If it helps, they did laser surgery on her and she had an I.V. during the procedure.
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Sending positive energy your way! Nakita is in good hands and I'm sure she'll be ok!

When my cat, Snowball, was a kitten we took him in to be neutered and brought him back home again that evening. He also acted very drugged, he was dizzy, couldn't focus his eyes, and couldn't stand up very well. We followed the vet's advice and just let him sleep off the effects of the anaesthia, and by the next morning he was completely back to normal.

Please post an update and let us know how Nakita is doing.
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Please understand, I do not want to alarm you. I know how worried you are right now and adding to that worry is not part of my plan of the day.

I am going to choose my words carefully and tell you right up front that the side effects or reaction to ketamine varies from animal to animal depending on how much they were given.

Ketamine alters the neurotransmitters of the brain. I know this from personal experiences with it on some of my animals. It causes hallucinations, and sometimes violent reactions. The good news is, as the drug wears out of the system, the animal will return to normal with very little or no residual effects.

Because of my experience with it in the past on some of my animals. I now flatly refuse to allow a vet to administer it to any of my crew,dogs, cats, horses, doesn't matter. I do not like the stuff at all. I did not lose an animal on it, but I got a big enough wake-up call that my warning flags went up.

Nakita will be okay. She just needs to fight it off and that takes time.

Hugs ((((((((((()))))))))))))) I am not trying to scare you Kassandra and if I did, I do apologize. That was not my intent.
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I'll say a little prayer for her, too.
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Good thoughts for you and Nakita. I belive that everything will turn out well!

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Kassandra -
YOU POOR THING! I printed this thread out and took it right over to my neighbor , Joni. She is a Vet and when she read about your situation—she recommended that YOU get some sleep because your kitty should be just fine. That drug just needs to wear off and little Nakita needs the rest anyway. Really, it sad to look at any animal partially under anesthesia…

You and Nakita are in my prayers!! GO REST!!


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Again, I really appreciate all the replies!!!

Hissy, thank you for sharing your insight. I can only learn through my own experiences but I always value others opinions and knowledge. You are not scaring me, you are widening my perspective on the issue!!!

I started looking up Ketamine....boy I got a huge amount of info.

Again, let me say that we are not sure if that was the drug used, I will have to confirm it tomorrow. For anyone else, here is a link:

Ketamine Info

If this is the case and Ketamine was used, I am sure going to ask why the vet did not tell me the possible side effects that could occur. He just said, it's a standard procedure, Nakita will be fine.

There's a lesson. Who would think that you would have to educate yourself on the drugs used in spaying/neutering???

It's opened my eyes Hissy. From this point on I will be asking many more questions before Nakita has another surgery.

Again, I really appreciate all your words of comfort and caring. I'll update everyone tomorrow.
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Based on some personal experiences I have had with cats and anesthesia, I think gas anesthesia is a little safer for them than the injectible kind. Hissy, please correct me if I'm wrong.

A couple of years ago, I took my 13 year old cat, Midnight, (now deceased) to the vet to have her teeth cleaned. After the pre-anesthesia blood work was done, the vet called me and said that he was going to use a gas anesthesia on Midnight for safety reasons due to her age. When I picked Midnight up later that day, she was very alert and responsive and showed no effects whatsoever of having been under anesthesia.

Snowball is now 11 years old. I took him to the vet to have his teeth cleaned a year ago this past September. The vet used an injectible anesthesia, and Snowball had a lot of difficulty coming out of it. He still seemed very drugged and unresponsive the next morning and had to be taken back to the vet where he was given fluids under his skin for dehydration. The vet said the stress was just too much for him at his age. We had just lost Midnight a month earlier, and I was really worried about Snowball, it took him about two days to start eating and drinking on his own again!
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Blessings to you, and your baby. I am sorry for all the pain that has been caused to you folks. Wish I had a magic wand right about now~

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Any news on Nakita yet? I am keeping her in my thoughts and sending healthy vibes her way!
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Sending lots of positive energy to you and Nakita. Please let us know when you find out anything. ((((((HUGS to Kassandra))))))
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Kassandra - I'm sure Nakita will be fine. Some cats do take longer to recover from anaesthesia, as they all have differing metabolic rates, and also absorb the drug to differing degrees.

I hope she's back on her feet very soon - I know how awful it is when your pet is staggering around and not in control and there is nothing you can do about it. One of mine came back from the vets like that and it took about 48 hours at home before he came round to anything near normal.

Lots of love and positive energy coming your and Nakita's way.
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Took Suki 3 days to over come the anesthingy after her x-rays. I was told it's normal.

She'll be fine, I'll send one of my kitty soldiers to protect her
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First and foremost, thank you everyone for all your comments and prayers!!!!! DragonLady, AngelzOO, Narciss, LDG, Lorie D, Sassyfras, okeefecl, mycatsluvme, adymarie, valanhb, Yola - never underestimate the power of the internet to touch someone with a few type written words!!!

Kimward34 - your too cute running next door to your neighbour! Thank You!

BuNN - I love your weird and wonderful self! Kitty soldiers?! Too cool!

Hissy - Thanks for your response. I was upset last night at Nakita's physical appearance. But I still had my senses with me, and I really apreciated your experience on the matter.

The vet said she was "fiesty", pacing her cage and meowing when they went to take her temperature this morning. We will be picking her up this evening.

Again, thank you. I needed my spirits lifted last night because I was fearing the unknown! You guys helped me through it. This is the first time I have had a kitten of my own and am in unknown territory.

Thanks for holding my hand!

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Good to hear she's feeling better. I bet you shower her with cuddles when you get her home
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Just reading this.

So glad everything is fine and that she is back to her normal self.

Sleep peacefully tonight!
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Oh!!! You made my day! I am so HAPPY to hear that everything turned out well for you and Nakita! Scarey as he!!, though!!

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Glad to hear she is doing better!!
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What wonderful news! I'm so glad she's going to be just fine.

Fiesty, Hunh? Sounds GREAT!

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Yeah! I'm so happy everything turned out OK. Give her an extra little gentle squeeze for me!
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We knew you both had it in you! Congrats~

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Yippeee Skippeee! And thanks for taking the information I presented in the right way. Knowledge is power, and not knowing and imagining the worst only makes it even more scary.

Let me now tell you my experience with ketamine, and my stallion.

Trav was one year old when I decided it was time to geld him. The vet came out and gave my horse a shot, Trav was "supposed" to go down right away. He didn't. In the meantime, my vet and his assistant were busy wrapping ropes around his back-end and legs. Trav was still not going down like he should have. I questioned the vet and asked him what he gave him? I was told Ketamine, and then Trav got a second shot of the same drug. The minute the vet stepped back, Trav leaped high in the air, as if he had been shocked! He went up, then crashed down and started convulsing. Foam was pouring out of his mouth, his eyes were rolled back, he was fighting the ropes and the drugs. Thrashing and crashing all over the pasture, no one could get close to him and his flailing hooves. I was in the farthest corner of the paddock, crying and thinking my horse was going to die right in front of me.

The seizures went on and off for about 20 minutes. Finally, he lay still covered in mud and yuck, quivering, his respiration rate was through the roof! The vet stepped over him with a bottle of sterile water, and poured it on his gonads! I asked him what the hell he thought he was doing, and he looked at me and told me he was going to geld my horse! I told him in very un-ladylike terms that if he touched my horse I would geld him instead! I then picked up a pitchfork and ran him and his assistant off my property.

It took two weeks for Trav to allow any human near him. In that two weeks I did a lot of research on ketamine, and found out it has the same hallucinigenic properties as PCP! It took a lot of quiet time with this horse, before he forgave me and started to trust me again. It took even longer for me to forgive myself.

A few months later, I trailered Trav to OSU and had the vets there geld him. I told them under no circumstances was this horse to get ketamine. The gelding went off without a hitch. Trav is a dear sweet horse today. He will be 4 years old this April. No matter what, I will never forget that awful day when I thought I had cost him his life.

I wrote a letter to the vet clinic about the vet and after some correspondence between myself and the owner of the clinic. I got a vet bill forgiven, and the vet in question went into retirement soon afterward.
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Oh my goodness, that is just too awful! I would never let anyone do that to Peedoodle, thank you for the warning, if Peedoodle ever needs surgery, I will make sure the vet does not use ketamine.
I have heard of ketamine being used as a fad drug for teenagers and a lot of them have died as a result. Why that drug is out there, beats me!
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