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Have you got a Will

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Theres a TV show currently showing on the BBC called Heir Hunters, they track down relatives of unclaimed estates from people who have died without a will.

Todays programme was a woman who had left over 980K, the 'hunter' once they track down the living bloodline members then get a percentage of the estate, great work eh ! They found her relatives, there was 2 cousins, once removed, living in Australia what a surprise they got

They also cover very sad stories of family members who have no claim for various reason, apparently in the UK, if you are adopted out of a family you have no legal rights to any of the estate even though you are a blood relative thats obviously if theres no will.

Monies left without a will then gets handed over to the governments treasury once all the debts are paid. I understand theres a timescale when you can apply to claim.

The programme made me realise how important making a will was. I already have one as Spanish law requires it of foreigners owning property to make a will.
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Many people don't realise how hard it makes it for relatives if they don't leave a will, and also, if they don't make sure someone knows where it is! I have a friend in Oregon whose father died a wealthy man but with no will, and there is now a law suit going on between his latest wife, his previous wife, his two children and their mother, who was his first wife. The only people who will gain will be the lawyers. And I am trying to deal with the affairs of a friend of mine with Alzheimers, who made a will and then hid the original so no one has found it. I am an executor, and have a copy, but that is not valid under English law and can only be used as evidence of her intentions. So one day soon I am going to have to tear her flat apart to find the original. I made a will as soon as I had any property of any sort, and have regularly updated it as my circumstances/family changed.
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Both my parents, Jim and I all have Wills and copies are with beneficiaries, too. Along with funeral plots and funeral arrangemnts too, so it will be as easiest as possible for the ones who are left behind.
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I think once I have children I will make one and/or own property...which ever comes first.

My parents made one about 15 years ago when they had to go through the ordeal with my mom's parents (who didn't have a will). They both learned a lot of valuable lessons (including family feuds).

The one thing that I like about my parents will is that they added a $1 contestent clause into it. Basically if any of us kids or someone else contests their will after they have passed, then all that person will receive is $1 as their inheritance. I thought that was pretty ingenious.
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DH and I both have living wills, as well as a regular will and power of attorney papers filed. We're already planning for our retirement, so this was just a part of that. We'll redo things once we have children, but right now, it's all good.

We traded work with a fellow lawyer in town, lol. We fixed his computer backups, and he did our paperwork.
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Yes, I'm 45 and have had a will since about 1990 or 1991.

I worked in a law firm and actually did it up myself. I told my boss what it was that I was looking for and he gave me tips on areas that I wasn't familiar with. I went off and typed it all up and he and another girl in the office witnessed it. He has a copy, I have a copy and my bank has a copy. So does my brother and my friend who is an executor of my will if my brother cannot do it.

I made provisions for my cats. I did not name them because adding a name automatically excludes any future animals that you may have at the time of your death. So I just put "Whatever cat or cats I may have at the time of my death" which encompasses all my cats, not just specific ones that I have named.
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Our Wills are kept at the solicitors with the deeds to our house. the kids all know where they are and what is in them.
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I don't have a will (I'm only 21) Once I have kids/own property I will definetly do it though! My dad just did his will... me and my sister are already fighting over his Camaro (LOL I'M OLDER!)
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I don't but I know that I should. I know first hand it makes it easier for everyone if you set it all out in a will. The biggest stuff I have is covered by beneficiary forms, but I want to have a proper will by year end.
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Originally Posted by JellyBella View Post
I don't but I know that I should. I know first hand it makes it easier for everyone if you set it all out in a will. The biggest stuff I have is covered by beneficiary forms, but I want to have a proper will by year end.
i need one, too. i now own a house, a car, & an engagement/wedding ring set i inherited from my grandmother. i have plenty of insurance, so i need a will to set out how i want it used.
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Yes. My Mom, sister, and me all have Living Wills. We've also made all our funeral arrangements too.
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I haven't got a will, but I'm 14, so I don't have to worry about things like that right? Should I have a will?!
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Yep we have a will in place, thanks to PrePaid Legal - they do one for free when you sign up
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Yep we have a will in place, thanks to PrePaid Legal - they do one for free when you sign up
i've got one, now - found an online place that does them. cost $25, including mailing. plus you can also download a form. here's the link, if anyone's interested...
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I have one but it is really outdated. Now that my kids are older, I need to revise it a bit..thanks for the links.
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Not yet for me Although I talk about how important they are everyday with my clients

I really should get on that
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I set up my will about 5 years ago. I decided to even though I am not married and don't have children mainly because I had purchased a piece of property which I hope to eventually hope to build a house on. My will includes instructions on my funeral arrangements, what I want done with my assets. I may have to change it depending on changes in my situation but I prefer to have the reassurance that my wishes will be carried out if something happens to me...
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while we're on the topic- i thought it was worth mentioning that having a Living Will can be just as important as having a regular will can be and don't leave out the furbabies and what should be done with them in the event you can't care for them or pass!!
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I have. My sister and neice who are the beneficiaries have a copy of the lawyers letter of where it's stored so they know where to go. The Cats Protection are also a beneficiary but obviously they don't need to know who's dealing with it all.

Theres all the instructions on what to do with the girls, and that if they die before me their ashes are to be kept until i die and then mixed in with mine and vice versa. I've even got my music picked to play me in and out

I'd advise anyone to get a will no matter how much you think there won't be any squabbles in amongst the family because i've seen it happen more than once, because like someone once said to me "Where theres a will theres a family". And don't think your too young for a will either, because my 35 year old nephew died in a car crash and i don't think he expected to leave us so soon
Originally Posted by mooficat View Post
Theres a TV show currently showing on the BBC called Heir Hunters .
Ann what day is that on?. I wouldn't mind seeing that.
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