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Advice for new Mom

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Hello all. I'm new here. We got 2 kittens, bro & sis, a couple weeks ago. Whiskey is a DSH/siamese mix and Guinness is a tabby mix. Both are approx. 11 wks old.
We have been feeding Science Diet since that is what the Foster Mom used. We leave out some dry food, and give wet in the morning and when we get home from work. Guinness is eating tons...even going towards Whiskey's bowl when he's done.
Whiskey does not seem to want her wet food. But isn't wet food better for kittens. She seems to only want the dry food. I sit her in front of her bowl and now she's started a new thing where she scratches at the kitchen floor around her bowl (the same way as she would in the litter box), and then walks away. If is sit her in front of the bowl again she will sometimes eat a very small amount of the wet food. We haven't had any issues with the kitties going to the bathroom anywhere but in the litter box (good kids.
Maybe she's just not a big eater like her brother....
Sorry this is getting long. Here are my questions...
1. Does anyone know what that little scratching of the floor is by the food (i actually saw him do this too)?
2. Should I try a different wet food to see if she'll eat something else?
3. How can we make sure he is not eating too much, but at the same time make sure she is eating enough?

Thank you all so much for any info. We will be taking them to the vet for the first time next week so I'll get more info (they've been to vet once before we got them and everything was fine).
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I am glad you have a vet visit..

SD is NOT my fav food ..cats are carnivores and they put in by products( heads ft intestines) and lots of corn which is harder to digest

Scatching can mean they are hiding it for later or they dont like it..wild cats often cover up a meal for later

yes you can try a different wet or a different flavor ... just dont change there dry food cold turkey

Kittens need to eat so dont worry about him but make sure you see her eating.... Males are usually bigger so he will he more

Please ask the vet about early spay /neutering

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Roxie scratches at the floor around her bowl as well. I think it is a scent thing. They are marking it with their scent as to say MINE!!

Is the dry food your feeding them for kittens? That is important as it is vital they are getting proper nutrition. If she is eating the dry, maybe trying mixing a small amount of the wet with it to entice her adding more over time if she takes to it. Then you can probably get her to eat the wet alone. If not maybe try another brand.
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Thank you so much! I guess the marking the territory thing does make sense. I will definitely try another brand for her. I was actually contemplating switching them both (slowly) to Nutro since that seems well liked on here.
The food they get now is definitely for kittens.
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I don't know anything about the Nutro for kittens but I have Roxie on both their adult wet and dry and she loves it. It made her coat so much softer and helped her with her weight issue. It is reasonably priced for a premium brand as well. The ingredients in Nutro are much better than those of SD.

Good luck and welcome to TCS
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