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Hallelujah! Finally!

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Hopefully no more senseless deaths will occur any time soon.

EPA Rules against Hartz
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Thank goodness something was finally done! Just imagine how many cats had to die in order to get the government to act!
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I wonder if the new warnings will clearly state YOUR CAT COULD DIE IF YOU USE THIS!

Oops, that's probably not very nice, is it? I'm glad the EPA finally has done something to protect cats from this product. At least it's a step in the right direction.
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What happened with that product? Did a lot of cats die from it? I have not heard anything about it.
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Here's some threads that have articles about what this stuff can do...

This is why I'll never buy Hartz

Another victim of Hartz flea drops
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That is just horrible! I am glad that I have not used Hartz!
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Thank God. Not knowing any better, we first used Hartz on Booger in the Spring. Thank God the Vet warned us before we had the chance to use it again. We'd also used the de-wormer - which DOESN'T KILL THE WORMS!

What a horrible, horrible thing. Again, all I have to say is Thank God.
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I never use flea products on my cats. Of coarse they have never had fleas. Collars are dangerous too! My Mom had a Lasaopso that somehow got her flea collar in her mouth. We had to take her to the Vet. She started to foam at the mouth and started to convulse. Poor little thing! They were able to save her.
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This is great news!
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