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What's for lunch today??

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I still have about an hour until my lunch break but boy I am starving!! I get to go home for lunch (I work 1 mile from home) so I am looking forward to some tuna sandwiches and pretzels I don't know why but I am really in the mood for tuna!

What is everyone else having??
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I had a turkey sandwich from Subway! Yum! And Cooler Ranch Doritos and a coke!
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Mmm, cooler ranch doritos sound so much better than pretzels... I might have to take a trip to the deli next door quick!! lol
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Special K Vanilla almonds. yum!
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I'm having salad today....the pre-bagged kind....where you have lettuce, shredded carrots, & shredded purple cabbage. I added to it though.....I added, cucumbers from my dad's garden, grape tomatos, a boiled egg, shredded cheese (2 kinds), and garlic/butter croutons.
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I'm having one of those California Kitchen's white pizzas. It has spinach and white cheeses on it and it's thin crust oh yes and some sweet tea to go with it
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Another chicken sandwich from Kwik Trip -and milk
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probably a chicken pattie and something else. I am not sure what else maybe a plum since I am out of chips.
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I had a Subway Spicy Italian sub with lettuce, extra pickles, mayo and salt and pepper.
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Nothing!! I am hungry but nothing really sounds too good~

Ok, now ya all talking about eating Subway, thats makin me hungry for it!! Thats what we had for supper last nite,hehe. I know it gets so dang expensive!!
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I had montreal smoked meat sandwiches again OMG I love Smoked meat so much

I may have a yogurt soon though...
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I made myself a tuna and cheese sanwich on dark rye and glass of skim milk. Now I am having a diet Coke.
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nothing! I don't eat until supper time.
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I just had a sandwich and a brownie.
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Veggie Lasagna by Stouffer's...but I burnt it somehow.
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It's 4:30pm but I am just eating lunch now since I don't eat dinner until around 10pm when my boyfriend gets home. I am having leftover spaghetti with butter and parmesan cheese, a brownie and some water.
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I had a hotdog with mustard and pickle relish.
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