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Litter box surprises?

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Ok, so as I was scooping the litter boxes yesterday, I got quite the surprise!!

I knew that the cats had brought a mouse into the house the night before last(thats another story) But I figured it was dead..and gone!! Hmm...was I wrong?!! I can now say that I have had the pleasure of having a surprise in the litter box!! I thought one of the cats had a bad case of worms!! All I saw was the tail.... then as I kept scooping, I realized what it was!! It was the MOUSE!!!

Sooo........please feel free to share your surprises with me!!!
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the weirdest thing i've found in ours is partially buried puffballs.
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I have found SO many weird things in Roxie's litterbox!! On more than one occassion I have found plastic grocery bags in there, she steals them as I unpack after food shopping and hides them there I guess!! I have also found straws and the round lid to fast food cups in there. No mice yet but I am awaiting more surprises since this seems to be a routine thing
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I keep snakes and I thaw the mice in ziploc baggies in warm water and while I am feeding the snakes, Horatio sneaks up and steals the empty dead mouse smelling baggie, and I end up finding the bags in his litter box.

Not in pieces or anything like he had eaten them... just whole & well played with & buried in there. LOL!
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Pogue is obsessed with the wrappers on Hershey's minitures. He will sit like a stalker until we are done with the chocolate part, and then as soon as the wrapper is wadded into a ball he takes it. They usually end up in his water dish or his litter box.
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