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Do you like my paws, and an extra!

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Tiger aka Fat Man

Tiger's much younger girlfriend Nollee!

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He's just pleasantly plump! More to love!
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Tiger is adorable! I love big red tabby boys. His mittens make him extra special. He looks like he would be a great cuddler. How much does this big handsome hunk of kitty weigh?
Not to leave out the lovely Nollee. She is cute as a button herself.
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Oh I love my tiger he is my gem and so damned cute... Nollee is my crazy kitty! He weighs 16 pounds and the vet said his body type should only weigh 12 max! He is so fat and he is on protions, never touches people food, and rarely gets treats! I love his poly paws, they are huge! He is quite the talker too... He never shuts up (i love him but holy cow he goes on and on)! He is a great cuddler... He is VERY needy, always wanting some love!
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What great photos! Look at that handsome love bug! The bigger(feet) to wrap my paws around you, Mollee! Lovely, lovely and they look so good together!
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Tiger looks a lot like my Rb kitty, Leo. He was a whopper at 22 lbs, almost no fat, and his shoulder was almost level with my knees. He was a big red tabby lovebug, too. He didn't have those special paws, though, those are just beautiful.
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Thank you... I love his paws, I kiss em all the time, he gets so irritated! His thumb is very prominent! Here is a thumbs up pic for you all and another good shot of his paws

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Cuties! I love Nollee's face! So sweet! And Tiger's paws are adorable.
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Awwww look at his little mittens
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LOL @ little! They look little in the pics but those are some major mitts going on! LOL he is all paws (oh yeah and fat too)!
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Awe look at those cuties
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