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Meow TV

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NEW YORK, Dec. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- The Meow Mix(R) Company, a company dedicated to keeping cats happy, announced today that Annabelle Gurwitch, along with her cat Stinky, will be the host of Meow TV -- the first television programming targeted specifically at cats (and the people that love them).

A devoted cat lover, Gurwitch, best known as the quirky co-host of TBS' Dinner and a Movie, will appear along with her cat Stinky as the host for Meow TV. January 20th marks the launch of her new talk show The Dream Team with Annabelle and Michael premiering on the Sci-Fi Channel. She also stars in the recently released feature film The Fourth Tenor opposite Rodney Dangerfield. Other feature films include Pollock, Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss and Teddy Bear's Picnic with Harry Shearer. She has guest starred in over thirty episodic shows including Seinfeld, Get Real and Murphy Brown. She just completed shooting Melvin Goes to Dinner starring with Jack Black and Maura Tierney for director Bob Odenkirk (Mr. Show).

"When I first heard about Meow TV I called my agent immediately," said Gurwitch. "I have always wanted to do a show with Stinky and am excited to be a part of this innovative and groundbreaking project."

An hour-long Meow TV special is currently in production to air in early 2003. It will feature segments that appeal to a cat's instinctual side, including "Squirrel Alert," "Catnip Psych Out," "Cat Haiku," "Cat Yoga" and "Fishfood." Created in a variety show format, Meow TV is full of both humorous and educational programming. The idea for Meow TV was born out of recent research by cat lovers revealing that cats enjoy watching television and The Meow Mix Company's desire to bridge the communication gap between cats and "their" people.

"We are delighted and proud to have Annabelle Gurwitch associated with Meow TV," said Richard Thompson, CEO and Top Cat of The Meow Mix Company. "We are committed to producing a quality show that will appeal to both cats and their owners and are confident that Annabelle will help us achieve that goal."

Meow TV is currently being produced by Elyse Roth, principal of New York- based Half Baked Productions under the creative direction of Richard Kirshenbaum, co-founder of kirshenbaum bond + partners and Dave Freeman, LIME Communications, a kirshenbaum bond creative network company. For nearly 10 years Half Baked has been producing hit comedy shows such as The Sandra Bernhard Experience on A&E, The Jon Stewart Show on MTV and helped create The Daily Show on Comedy Central.

About Meow Mix: The Meow Mix Company, Secaucus, NJ, is the maker of Meow Mix and Alley Cat brand dry cat foods.
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Any idea what channel(s) will carry this? I would love to watch Meow TV with my babies!!
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We heard that there was going to be a TV show "for cats" and their owners - but that was several months ago and then we heard nothing about it. I wonder if we'll even enjoy it? It'll be interesting to find out!

For now, the birdfeeder out the window is our Cat TV!

(BTW, today Shelly sat so close to the window his nose was right up against it - and Gary says "it really is just like kids! Shelly?! You're sitting too close to the TV!" LOL!)
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That is cool! Let me know what channel it will be on!
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LOL Laurie!! I hope the TV show gets to Australia eventually.
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Just found this:


Right now a program called Meow TV is being shopped around in hopes of being picked up for the fall. It will feature bouncing balls, squirrels, birds, and pieces of string being pulled across the floor. See, Meow TV isn’t about cats, it’s for cats.

The show is being produced by Meow Mix, the cat food company dedicated to implanting nasty, insidious commercial jingles into our brains. The CEO, who not so coincidentally is the show’s producer, says 22 percent of pet owners watch TV shows they know their pets will enjoy. When confronted with a choice between new episodes of Masterpiece Theater and a rerun of A&E’s Biography of Mr. Ed, pet owners will overwhelmingly choose the latter. Of course so would most everyone, but we’re not concerned with non-pet owners right now. Since there are 85 million cats in the country, that means Meow TV could conceivably pull an audience of nearly 19 million viewing cats. This is nothing to sneeze at. Well, not unless you’re allergic to cats. That viewership would have made it the number one TV show last week, more than doubling the number of people who watched the actual top show. And quadrupling the number of awake ones.

If Meow TV takes off you can expect to see a number of, uh, copy cats popping up, like the Canine News Network, Fish!, and Discovery Wings, which is an actual cable channel about aviation that will make the switch to “All Birds All The Time.†Just so long as they don’t get rid of Channel 76. I hear they might be getting a new Tektronix TDS224 four-channel real-time 100-MHz digital oscilloscope for the new fall season, and I wouldn’t want to miss that.
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