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Rudyanna wants OUT!
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LMAO DragonLady!!! Those pics are hysterical! Being that Pepper is my first kitty and I've only had him 3 weeks, I haven't yet had the "cat bath" experience.
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DragonLady!! ROTFL! Those poor babies, LOL!
So, do all of your babies tolerate bath time pretty well?

BTW - I just saw your photos at DragonPassCats.com....
How adorable! How do you sell them without crying?
I would end up a wanting to keep every single one of them <grin>

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But I make sure to trim their nails first! They hate the blow dry more than the bath.
It is hard to sell the babies, but I make everyone sign a contract, micro chip, and plan to visit every one as much as possible! We just put up new photos last night!
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Peter Pan wishes he could really fly
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Maybe he IS an alien!
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OMG!!!!! :laughing: I loved all the pics in this thread...but the ones you posted Teresa just had me rolling!!! How funny!!! And cute, too!!!! I copied the one "Rudyanna wants out" to share with some friends on my e-mail list...I hope that's okay...if not, let me know!
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Those pics are hysterical! Poor little kitties... :tounge2:
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What great pictures! I reckon they're even better than the 'good' ones. How can you look at the pics of those kitties in the bath and not giggle - awwwww!
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Aw those poor kittehs, they look so peeved off
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:LOL: :LOL: OMG!!!! How cute can you get!?!?!? They are just adorable!! and hysterical!! Their little faces!!! What a cruel and evil cat mummy you are!!! :laughing: Ooo I just want to squish them all!!
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Not exactly the cutest pic of Ninners! Definitly not her "good" side!
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If you make money off them I would like a cut! hehe
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Oh My Goodness! A Ninners Butt!! She's such a cutey -
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Sorry for the "over-load".....

You wanted bad pictures, I'm here to please!!!
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ROTFLMAO!! Lhezzza!! These pictures are GREAT!! Some of these should go in the CT contest...Just reading what people would say to majority of your shots would be hilarious!! I've got a few in mind already!! LOL!!

Too Cute!!!!

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I liked them too!!!! Especially the closeup of the paws coming out of the box!!! Cute!!
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Those are great! You can tell Ninners that she's got a cute little kitty butt. LOL

Lizza, those pics of Cooper are great! I like the close ups of kitty feets, and the one where she looks like she's yelling at you. LOL

I hope that most of these pics are being sent to Anne for Caption This. These would make hilarious postcards.
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I love the picture of Cooper with his tongue! That is so cute!
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Actually, Cooper look like she's singing, "We Are The Champions my Friend! And We'll keep On Fighting....."
Even though I know there's know "We" it was the
first song that came to mind after viewing all of the
action shots, LOL!

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Thanks for the great comments!!

My favorite is Cooper under the big red chair.... we give her ping pong ball to play with, and they are ALWAYS rolling under the chair, she feels she must get them right away... silly kitty!
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Since we're posting funny pics...can I get this group's opinion of my "New Cat Christmas Card"?

It's still in the Rough stages...I've been working on it throughout the day. I just wanted to know if your initial reaction is noticing the Weird Christmas Tree....I'm thinking It may be too busy...
<grin> Of course, my Christmas Cards are usually tacky, so it may not matter...LOL!

I have yet to write a Christmas poem for this one, like I did with my last card...still thinking.

OK - here goes:

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Ah, Kim. Tacky is good. :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:

The cat tree looks brill - I reckon you could get ol' Father Christmas looking a bit more bemused tho - scratching his head maybe? Just to wild with Photoshop and see what transpires!!!
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I love the card! It is neat!
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That card is great Kim! Love the tree.
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Love the card Kim - very clever!
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You know you have to love the quality of a $30.00 walmart digital camera!! These are cats, I swear. Asim and Isha.

Cat Fight

And this is a cat blob on my now soiled beloved papison! I swear!
Asim Blob!
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