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Why not post really bad cat pics?

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While digging through my "Cat Archives" I happened upon some really bad cat pictures...anyone else out there have some bad ones? Here's Mine! LOL!!

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Don't they look stoned?
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I love the one w/ the tongue sticking out!! One of my cats used to do that, always had a bit of tongue peeking out at me.
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I love that pic too! I love it when my kitties stick their widdle tongues out. I always make such a big deal out of it and Ophelia just gives me this disgusted look. LOL

Kim, with the digital camera I usually delete the ones that are really bad, so I don't think I have any to share.
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valanhb: Wow - you're organized! I usually dump the entire contents of "Whatever is on the card" into a folder titled: "Pictures to Sort Through" — Doing this for the past two years has become the most overwhelming mess you've ever seen...LOL!

BUT—That's how I found these sorry pics...sorting......ewww...there's more, too! Ack!!!!!!!

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Why do the adults always interupt the photo shoot?
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ROTFL!!!!!!!!!!! She's supervising the situation!!! How cute!!!!
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Well - I LOVE Sheldon's expression in this pic - but I took it from such a weird angle - it's just plain old hard to even look at! Talk about a BAD pic - LOL!

..and BTW - Teresa - it's still a cute pic!

And Kim - you're nuts! They're great pics! I LOVE the toungue sticking out!!! That's the quintissential (sp?) Caption This! pic! Send them in!
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HEY Vikki! Is that my little Rocko under there? LOL!!
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It's so funny when I see Rocko look-a-likes....there's a million of them our there, too. What was COOL was when I found a SPOT look-a-like - no relation, 400 miles away. lol, check it out...
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wow... twins!
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"Red Eye" could be Lorie's snowball!
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Not very flattering for a baby girl!
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Oh but it's too funny! I keep seeing GREAT candidates for Caption This!
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What a sweet baby girl FACE...I love widdle flat faces....She's very cute - Love that tounge action—kinda' like she's getting lipstick off of her teeth. LOL!!
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LDG - my caption would be -

Picture this....1969....

4 Cats Do Woodstock—the untold story
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DragonLady! LMAO That pic is so hillarious! That's the best one so far!
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Starring Max, Bazil and Trixie...
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Personally, I LOVE bad cat pics. All of my bad pics of Ivo have her with the expression "What the he!! do you want?" Kinda like what I look like when someone takes my pic (except for my brother's wedding pics-only one of us was allowed to not smile, and it wasn't me!)

Laurie, I love that pic of Shelly. I turned my head this way and that, but the one thing that kept coming through was Shelly saying "Oh yeah, more like that! Do that again!"
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Narciss - LOL!! What a mouth!! That is too funny! Who's that in the upper corner, hiding under the blanket?

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OMG!! These pics are sooo funny!! Bad cat pics are the best!! Love all the "tongue" ones!!!
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Here's one of Snowball playing with balloons, he kept trying to hide from the camera. BTW, he was under close supervision while he was playing and we made sure that there were no small pieces of balloon lying around that he could accidently swallow.
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I can´t see why these photos are badphotos. The cats look great.I´m still waiting for my son to successfully install a few pictures. Ours have the tendency to disappear after a short time.
All the best. What do the good pics look like? Elisabeth Ps -Kg
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There's no such thing as a bad cat photo unless of course there's no cat in it
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Very true...A bad cat picture is one with no cat at all...very wise. I like that.

Kim, the picture at the top left is Max try to get to the bottom of my Pottery Barn bag. Like he'd fit, the fat-so! ~LOL~
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Bazil was caught in the "space time continuim" or something!
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Looks like he is playing with a ghost kitty!
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LOL! Hey Narciss - Max's picture reminded me of a position that my little Spot gets his big behind in every night in our bed...does this look familiar?
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Brieann hates bath time!
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Tatum in takes his bath too.
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