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Crazy cat people...

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I must be one, because I just sat on the toilet for 20-25 minutes, and I only had to pee! Why? Because Fenwick wanted to be a lap cat. And she was purring and bumping me, so I had to sit there and let her. I don't know why my husband says they're spoiled. *sigh*

How do you go out of your way to cater to their furry whims?
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wow! 25 minutes!? the most mine get is an extra 5 or so
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Keisha does that all the time when i'm in the bathroom, eventually i have to kick her off though, and then she jumps on my shoulders. And shes not exacly a skinny cat...
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Well, I wouldn't have sat there so long for the others, but Fennie is normally so aloof - she doesn't like our icky human cooties - so I have to take her love where I can get it! lol
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Hey don't feel bad, I laid in bed for 20 minutes this morning having to pee because Sassy was laying on my stomach and I didn't want to disturb his sleep.
I know however I would not get such consideration because he would literally run over top of me should I be in the way is he was heading for the litter box.
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Such a spoiled kitty
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Thats sweet - good thing you didn't have to be anywhere fast.

Gabby is like that when i get out of the shower He sits on my towel until he gets about 5 minutes of scritches. There I am - naked, wet and shivering - and there he is getting his head rubs!
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The worst one that ever happened to me was when I was supposed to meet some friends for lunch. I would have been there if the cats were not laying on me sleeping. I don't have the heart to wake up a sleeping kitty and I don't think I ever will.
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Wow my kitten does this too! I leave the door open when I pee... Habit, otherwise the cats scratch and whine! Well no matter what time, day or night, my kitten Nollee jumps up on my lap and lays down while Im peeing (she even wants to do it when Im working on a number 2)! It is so cute and my pee breaks last longer because she gets so comfortable and I feel mean putting her down on the ground! My older cat never does this!!!!!!
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Such spoiled cats we all have!

Roxie always makes me late for work

After I shower as soon as I sit down on the bed she will jump up into my lap, head-butt me and start purring like crazy... this is the time when she wants to be most affectionate... and I am a huge sucker
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I do the same thing
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YAY for spoiled kittys!!
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I've done it too...

BUT if it gets really bad I learned a trick: I hug them, then they make the decision to jump off the lap and I'm not making them get off
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Last night, I laid on the floor and played "bat at each other's paw" in the crack of the door for like 45 minutes, because Pogue thought this was the greatest game he ever invented. Can't say as it was as amusing for me, but who am I to judge what a good game is?

Bathroom time is also our bonding time. I think its because I'm sitting, more or less trapped, with nothing to do but give him my undivided attention.
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I hug them, then they make the decision to jump off the lap and I'm not making them get off
OMG, I TOTALLY do this too!!! I do it sometimes with Fennie on the toilet, and also to Felix, the 20 pound lummox who occasionally decides that my chest would be the perfect spot for a nap! O.o
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I have to pee, but Figaro is asleep in my lap. The only thing is, he peed on my pants & its starting to stink, but I don't wanna move him!
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Pickle acts like she rules the house. I someone is walking up the stairs or wants to sit down where Pickle is she won't move! And if pretends they haven't noticed her and playfully press on her sides she runs to me for a cuddle, almost as if she's telling on them!
It is the owners fault, I let her get her place in this house!
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How spoiled are my cats? They don't have a feeding area, I go to where they are when it's time to eat

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I get up at between 530 and 630 every morning to walk my cat to the food bowl. Limerick spoiled.....YES!!!
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