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December Contest- "Dance of the Tiles!"  

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This month we are pleased to offer you a chance at a lovely wall print called The Innocent by renowned photographer Diane Nicholson of Twin Heart Photo Productions A beautiful poster that would look sweet on any wall!

The contest will run the entire month of December.

The WINNER will be announced January 3, 2003!

The game piece is on If you recall the childhood game "Memory"- then you will have a jump on winning this game. Anne has provided photos of the strays from the Holy Land to tug at your heartstrings and perhaps encourage you to tug your wallet out of your purse or pocket and make a donation at a cat shelter near you. The cats are the game pieces.

Notice there are a set number of moves you need in order to finish. So plan your moves carefully. Once you finish, fill in the form and email it off.

Please Note: You MUST be a subscriber of The Club in order to play. If you are not, and you do win the draw, you will be disqualified.

Here is the url- and Good Luck at "The Dance!" December Dance of the Tiles
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I've been playing the game all morning. It is very addictive and fun!!!
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How do I start the game, I am a member of mewhoo but I cannot seem to start the game.
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Just above the kitty tiles are two buttons - Start and Show. Hit the start button and the tiles will "flip" and you can start the game. (The tiles do shuffle when you hit Start, so no use memorizing where the kitties are in the picture )

There is a bit of a glitch that I noticed...when I win I get a Page Not Found page. I let Hissy know, so hopefully it will be up and running very soon.
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Sorry guys! It worked for me, but apparently just one time. Just consider these practice runs till we get it fixed!

It will be fixed before tomorrow morning, if you just want to hold off and not play........

Guess I will just go hide now.........

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Ok - I think I fixed it. I tried winning to check but I failed 3 times and I'm a bit busy right now

Could any of you please try and let me know if this works. If you have already played - you must refresh your page for the fix to work. Once you're at the page please hold down the shift key and then hit F5 or the refresh button. This forces your browser to refresh the page.
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Thanks Anne! It worked fine for me this morning. So, seeing as I'm hopelessly addicted to this game, how many times can we enter???
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Enter as many times as you like. There will only be one winner though. =)
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Gee Heidi! You ARE Good at this game!
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I'll give everyone my "cheat" tip (to keep it fair ). Name the cats. I actually used a lot of kitties from here for the names...There's a pretty grey that I call Nakita, a torti I call Pepperpot, a grey and white I call Samoa, etc. Once you "get to know" the kitties, you will do much better at the game. I think my "record" is 26 moves. Can you beat it??
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i cannot get in from the site that Hissy has specified on the link, there is no link to click onto from there to play the game.
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Click on the "December Dance of the Tiles" link. Scroll down and you will see the game. I'm using Internet Explorer and it comes up fine for me...I wonder if there is a problem with Netscape?
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I was having problems getting to the game also... it seems that it doesn't show up in Mozilla (I run Mozilla 5.0 - Mozilla Debian Package 1.0.0-0.woody.1 on a Linux machine.) Anyway, I loaded up a virtual machine of windows, and the link was fine in IE. So netscape might be having the same problem as my broswer, since it's really one in the same.

Oh, the game was fun once I got into it... I'm really, REALLY bad at it though.
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Sorry about the Netscape problems Nothing much I can do about that I'm afraid as it's a little piece of Java software that we bought and I have no control over that.

Those of you with a slower connection need to be patient as it might take a couple of minutes for the game to load into your pc.

Heidi! 26 moves! I'm impressed!
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I played it this afternoon on IE. Took me awhile, but I finally won.
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Is there a way to get back to the game after winning and sending your info? I can't seem to figure out how, and I can't find a link on the home page.
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Brenda, just hit the Back button twice and it should take you right back to it.

Just to clarify, I also really stunk at the game when I started playing it. I swear, though, once I started naming the cats I improved in no time!
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I've been using the back button, I thought there was another way. Thanks.
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Oh goodness!! What an addictive game! I'm too competitive to stop playing but I'm doing terribly!
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