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Bosco puked

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Hi all,

I still consider myself somewhat of a novice (first-time mother to kitties for little over 2yrs now)...and my cats mean the *world* to me, so I'm very much a worrier when it comes to their health. I have 2 cats, Bosco & Zoe. Bosco is just over 2 years old, and Zoe is about a year and a half. They are both indoor cats. They have been to the vets for their routine check-ups/immunizations, etc. Zoe's background wasn't known about when we got her...and we had a bout of worms with her, in the beginning. We treated both cats, to be pro-active, each time we seemed to witness a recurrence (seeing as they lay dormant - can anyone tell me when "worm season" is, is it springtime?). As Zoe was the one with the health problems (ie, worms), and was puking before treatment, we labeled her as the 'puker' of the family. From time to time I'd notice little 'spit-like' piles of vomit (colorless, bubbly piles, no food content), and we always blamed them on Zoe, the puker, as Bosco never presented with any sort of health issue whatsoever.

With the pet food recall I've been most paranoid...and have checked with my pet food supplier several times, who advise that the food I give my cats, "Go Natural" dry, is absolutely fine. They occasionally get Temptations treats too, dairy flavored, and hairball control, and my food supplier also said this brand of treats was ok, and I do not allow them 'people food'.

This morning I heard a 'popping' sound from the other room, and came out to find Bosco sniffing a small pile of cat puke. It was bubbly, yellow in color, like bile. He walked a few paces to the other room and did it again. When I had both piles cleaned up, I noticed another one by the mat at the front door. Behavior-wise, he seems fine...running and playing with Zoe, per normal, as we speak...he doesn't 'look' ill or lethargic. As for eating/drinking, we've always kept their water/food dishes capped up and out all the time...so I can't really say whether, today, he's been eating or drinking normally.

I'm totally worried...and thought posting here might give me some advice, or help alleviate some of my concerns. My bf & I have a trip planned from tomorrow til Sunday...and I'm worried now about leaving them... Thanking you in advance for any sort of advice you can offer.

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I think I would take Bosco to the vet today before your trip...since this is unusual for him. There are a lot of reasons for vomiting clear liquid and/or stomach acid. It could be something very simple, but you don't know.

If you can figure out if he's interested in food and using the litterbox normally, that info would help the vet.

While indoor cats can get worms, I don't think that's it.

I hope Bosco feels better soon.
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Thanks for your quick reply. I plan on calling the vet - just thought I'd post here first to see what sort of response I was getting. Now there's a bit of a grey area....all along we 'assumed' the occasional cat puke was Zoe's, we had never actually witnessed who did what...this is the first time I actually saw one of them getting sick. I suppose it could have been Bosco all along. That's the trouble of two cats, sharing food dishes and litter! It's hard to know the culprits! Since posting, he did eat a little bit (as the food is always out they do tend to just eat in dribs and drabs) - no trips to the litter box yet though.
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I wish you the best of luck with your cats.

I have 2 cats, too, and it IS hard to know who does whatunless you see it.
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I called the vet and explained what I found. Bosco & I will be heading to see the vet tomorrow morning. Hopefully it's just nothing...I just worry so much.
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I worry the same way. It's part of being an animal lover.

You are a good mama.

Originally Posted by Sunshine_Amber View Post
I called the vet and explained what I found. Bosco & I will be heading to see the vet tomorrow morning. Hopefully it's just nothing...I just worry so much.
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Just wanted to send some positive vet trip {{vibes}} to you and Bosco!! Keep us updated

For now
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I will; thank you! It's so nice to have a 'forum' to go to for this sort of thing...my bf thinks I worry too much and I don't feel his support in times like this, and it really bothers me. My kitties are my babies...and it breaks my heart to think something might be wrong with either one of them, and it hurts when he can't see that.
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Just got back from the vet, and Bosco got a clean bill of health! Dr. Kelly said he looked happy & healthy, and in perfect condition for his age. We were able to kill two birds with one stone, too, and got him vaccinated too since it was coming up to the due date for it anyway...hence saved an appointment later. So we're good to go! I needed the assurance before leaving town for a few days. It's hard for me to accept that cats 'just puke'. Anyway, I'm pleased that my B is in good health. Thanks for all of your well wishes!

For now, I'll bid you adieu!
Amber and
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