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Magnetic Purr-sonality

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This morning after I stumbled out of bed, I went to the kitchen to start the coffee. As I walked across the floor, my barefeet crunched over hard object and my toes hit what felt like rocks? I reached for the light and switched it on. Looking down at the floor- I saw that someone had removed EVERY magnet from our refrigerator! Of course, once on the floor, they were fair game for cat-play. I could see them in corners, under the table, everywhere I looked! (We have a ton of magnets!) I called Mike in and we just stood there stunned? Did we get hit by a magnet home invader?

It took us a good while to collect them all. I had 100, I am now missing 7! I put them all back up and we sat at the table sipping coffee and discussing what sort of earthquake occurred that only affected the magnets.

Pretty soon, here come Grey Lady Squirrel (previously known to you members as McBethie) She came right up to the refrigerator and sat there intently staring at the appliance. Then she leaped up- swiped with her paw, and scored 4 magnets, they crashed to the floor. At the crash, her brother Taz (used to be known as McGilly) came running in and started playing with the new toys. Again and again Squirrel leaped up and knocked down every single magnet! I wish I had my video camera! LOL It took her 10 minutes to grab them all, while we sat there giggling.

Once they were down, it was a merry chase across the floor playing with the magnets. Her favorite appeared to be one of a woman's head wearing a hat with real feather in the brim. When she had that treasure, she growled her brother away in warning when he approached!

I didn't have the heart to interrupt the fun, and besides, it was quite entertaining. I have never seen a cat leap as high as she can- which is why we re-named her Squirrel! Trippy trippy kitties!
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That is too funny! I was laughing and laughing as I read that story, you tell it so well!
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:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
Hissy - Glad to hear that Grey Lady Squirrel (So-Secretly) revealed that SHE was the culprit because I was going to suggest that you may have a poltergeist... LOL!!!

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Well, Squirrel-girl always has been a character! I'm sure they proved, once again, to be great morning entertainment.
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I'm always finding my magnets on the floor. Now I know!
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Who needs TV eh!?!? :laughing:
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