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Prayer request for my friend

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I normally don't do this kind of stuff... Here's what this evening has been like:

I had something weighing heavily on my mind (having to do with my parents, but that's another topic), so I left a VM for my best friend to call me... now we've been friends since we were 9, we're now both 34... tells ya how close we are.

She just had a baby boy in February with her second hubby (two girls from 1st hubby). She called me back a short while ago, saying she wasn't going to be home much, but allowed me to use her as a sounding board for a moment while hubby was washing up.

little Jamal has had Eczema and eating issues almost from day one... yesterday, they did some tests to try and figure out the eczema and throwing up... today, he was admitted to the hospital. they have him in a feeding tube and IV... he's such a sweet little thing... we're all so d*** scared over him right now. I can't do much because they're down in Nevada, and I'm in Oregon... but i ask for all of you here to pray to whatever God or Gods you pray to for him...

This is him from when he was about six weeks old...

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Sending hugs and prayers from Mississippi for your friend and her baby.

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May God and his Angels keep this little one safe.
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Prayers going out for Jamal and his mother. He is such a cutie! My best friend's son started having serious eating problems when he was about 6 weeks old. Couldn't keep anything down, didn't have an appetite. They admitted him and it turned out there was an obstruction either from his esophegus (sp?) to his stomach or his stomach to his intenstines...can't remember. But, a 45 min surgery and he was as good as new and hasn't had any problems since (he just turned 11 this year!) The funny thing is it only seems to happen to first born boys. Hopefully this is something minor that can be fixed w/out surgery.
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Sending prayers that they find out what is wrong and fix it.
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I will be praying, and I hope it is something simple and overwith with this hospital admission...*hugs*
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What a cutie

I am keeping u all in my prayers and sending many good vibes ur guys way
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My prayers are with them.
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I will send prayers and healthy vibes his way. I will also pray his family stays strong.
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Awww he's gorgeous many prayers for that sweet boy
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Awww!! What a sweetie Many many prayers for him and his family!!

May god be with that sweet angel!!
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I am sending out prayers and vibes to that adorable little one and his family. They must be so scared. Please keep us posted if there is any news.
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