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Snuggle Time

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They do not look happy about my interrupting their snuggles. "C'mon Mom, can't you see we're busy?"
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OMG they couldn't get any closer! That is so cute. They are obviously buddies. and very beautiful kitties. I love their names.
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OMG that's so sweet!
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that very cool,
the best i can do is mine in the same chair for 4 min
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I love that my boys can't get enough of each other. Sometimes I'll walk into the room and find the two of them curled up togther and they'll give me this look, like I shouldn't be bothering them during their "special cat time". And often we'll all find ourselves piled together in the same four square feet of space, with the two of them crowded as close together as they can be on my lap. I love them.
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OMG! Thats definately the sweetest... they are just so cute!
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O my that is just soo PRECIOUS, they are just such cuties
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aww look at those sweet faces what a precious photo - give them some chin scritches from us
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What a precious pic!!!!
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I have never seen anything cuter.
What a great picture.
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Awww how sweet! I love when kitties do that. I will never see that in my house!
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