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He's Missing!

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Gomer, my DSH cat is missing!!! I'm so upset!!!

This morning my father woke us all up to inform us that the side door was wide open and both the cats were gone!
We looked and called, and Bella came back almost right away. My Dad says that he saw Gomer, and called to him, and he went the other way - he hasn't seen him since. I haven't seen him at all. . .

Everyone is denying leaving the door open. I was the first to go to bed last night, so I can't say for sure...
There's also a slight chance that someone opened it to come in, and then changed their minds when the dogs barked. I do remember Missy (my GSD) barking last night, but then again she barks at random things all the time when I have the windows open . . .

It has been dark and raining all day. I've been up and down the streets calling for him, and mentioning it to neighbors, asking kids, etc. And again after work.
I'm a nervous wreck because its dark, raining, and pretty cold now. Not as cold as when Gomer first found us, but still . . .

I plan on making fliers and handing them out/posting them tomorrow. He was a strictly indoor cat - has a collar, but no phone # on it. We found him as a stray - he kept coming to our house and one day he literally followed me in the house, never cared about the dogs. Slept with Maddie (my Cocker) occasionally. He was my popcorn-&-a-movie buddy! We've had him for about a year now... I didn't think I was this attached to him, but obviously I am!!

I keep hoping and praying that he finds his way home tomorrow!! What are the chances? Any tips?
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Sending hugs and prayers from Mississippi that Gomer comes home soon.

Please keep us posted on him.

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First off and vibes that you will find your cat.

Second the best time to try and call to your cat is in the early morning hours like 3 to 5 am when the neighborhood is really quite and the scary noises of the daytime are not around.

You can also try laying out his best smelly food and toys. Maybe even lay his bed outside. Try scattering his used kitty litter around the yard as well. Hopefully the smells of home will bring him close enough for you to catch him.
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I think I have seen every single stray cat in the neighborhood except Gomer. Most of the food I have left out for him is gone, but my hopes were dampered after seeing all those other cats today. I posted fliers, and mostly talked to neighbors today. At least its warming up, now . . . Thanks for the good vibes and thoughts! I really appreciate it, and I'm feeling more hopeful now! Hopefully he's just exploring or hiding somewhere close and will come back soon . . .

Originally Posted by AsecretK View Post
Second the best time to try and call to your cat is in the early morning hours like 3 to 5 am when the neighborhood is really quite and the scary noises of the daytime are not around.
Thanks for the tip! I've never heard that before!!
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Many come home vibes for Gomer, and hugs to you.
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Call the shelters and vets near you in case someone found him and brought him in. I'm sending go home vibes to him, too.
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Indoor only cats often don't go very far and find a place to hide. They usually will not call to you or come when called. Does your Dad know the direction he went? I would go in that direct and look for a place he can hide. Under a shed or house, in a hole in the ground.

Borrowing a humane live trap is also sometimes useful. bait it with food, but also place a piece of clothing that smells like you in it. He is going to be drawn to your smell.

this is a great site dedicated to understanding feline behavior when lost and what techniques work best for getting them home.

Plaster fliers everywhere, call all the local vet clinics and shelters. Knock on doors. Let everyone know he is missing and you are looking for him.

I hope you get him home soon. but don't give up. Last Sunday we just got a kitty back home that was gone for 21 months. He was lost during Hurricane Katrina.
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Hey Dana, I saw your post on Chaz about this (Momof2Pups). I'm hoping for the best for you and that I will see that there's a new post and you say he came home.
Lots of good vibes being sent out. Fliers and phone calls should help people be on the watch for him.
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I hope that you find him, keep looking, I bet he is hiding somewhere becaue he is so scared.
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I hope he comes home soon!
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Sometimes cats like to take little trips. I call them sabbaticals, even indoor cats if they can get outdoors. they may diseapper for a week or two before they come back. try not to worry to much just yet.
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Just wanted to let you guys know that we found Gomer!

He was in the garage when my brother was working on his bike. We had looked in there before, but I wasn't even sure if he could squeeze in under the garage door!
So, my guess is he roamed around the neighbors and our yard, and then went in the garage for shelter. . .

SO Glad to have him Back!!!
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Oh that is great news, I am just seeing this thread.
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YEAH ! Thank you for updating us. I can never keep missing kitties out of my mind. I am so glad that Gomer is back home.
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