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Anyone want a kitten in a few weeks?

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Well, I now have at least 4 kittens to find homes for still, because a few of my adopters backed out after someone posting bad remarks about me because she didn't get her way (I posted about this issue a couple days ago). Only two of the adopters have not backed out. Missy's 4 are the ones that I am positive do not have homes lined up for them yet. Of course, they're only 4 weeks old, so it'll still be awhile before they're ready to go, but I'd like to start lining up homes for them now if possible.
All are female, they were born May 9th & 10th. Lilly is mostly black, with a tiny white spot on her chest and belly. Jasmine is a light grey tabby, like her momma. Rosie is a darker grey tabby with a different shaped face than her siblings, she's a very pretty girl. And Holly is my personal favorite, a dark grey tabby (mostly black at this point), with a few random light orange spots on her back and one orange spot on her forehead.
All of the kittens are very friendly and already love to be held and petted. They even climb up my leg if I don't pay attention to them quickly enough. All except for Lilly have started to eat solid foods, and they're all using the litter box 9 times out of 10.
They will all be well socialized with people, other cats, and dogs, and of course household sounds such as the vacuum cleaner. They will have first shots, and will be wormed, and started on flea/tick preventative. They'll be fully litter trained and weaned before adoption of course.
They will be ready to go after July 18th, when they are 10 weeks old. Potential adopters must fill out an adoption application and sign a contract. The adoption fee will be the amount of the vet bill.
I post frequent pictures in the pregnant cats/kittens forum, and I'll get their 4 week old pictures up tomorrow probably. Send me a PM if you or anyone you know might be interested in adopting one of these babies.

And we'll have one more litter of kittens born to our other foster momma, they should be born sometime this week, and we'll start accepting applications now and I'll post their info after they are born. The mom is an orange/white tabby, shorthaired... I was told that the males she was around were a grey shorthaired tabby, an orange shorthaired tabby, and a black shorthaired cat.
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I really hope that you find them great homes, they deserve it! I would take them if my step-dad wasnt allergic to cats, if i lived closer, and if I didnt have 10 cats of my own. Grrr... so i guess i need to move to indiana within 6 weeks, come up with a cure for cat allergies, buy a bigger house, and a jumbo electronic litter box! So when that all happens, i'll be calling you up!
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