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Leo's kitty disease free!!!

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I took him in this afternoon to get tested for FIV and FeLV, and they warned that if he was stressed out and wouldn't stay still they would have to knock him out to draw the blood.

But nope - he was as good as gold, didn't flinch, and it was done in seconds

So I waited for the results - negative!!! And I also got him microchipped while I was there, and once again, he was so well behaved.

I have someone coming any minute now to take him for a week while we have visitors, and if all goes well, she'll adopt him
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YAY!! Happy healthy kitties are the best kind. I hope he finds a good home.
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Great news! I'm glad he's okay.
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You must be on top of the world!!

Thats awesome news Sarah!!
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HOORAY!! That waiting for F-leuk tests is the longest 10 minutes EVER, I'm so happy for you (and Leo!) that it's over and you have great news!
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That's great news. I hope sweet Leo ends up with a home!
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Way to go Leo, keeping my fingers crossed that now you find a good home, and have a long healthy life that all kitties deserve.....
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Yay! And lots of vibes for a good kitty home!
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Way to go Leo!
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Well he's just gone with this girl as a potential adoption. The girl seemed lovely, and she's cleared out a room for him to hang out in until he settles down, so that's good!

So loves orange kitties, and she thinks he's gorgeous, so that's a start

He was pretty stressed out, which isn't surprising since he's had a car ride, blood taken, and a microchip implanted, then had a stranger trying to pat him and now ANOTHER car ride!

He'll take a good day or two to settle down I think, but if she just lets him come to her hopefully it should be fine.
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YAY! Thats great! What wonderful news
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That's great Sarah!!!
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Yay Leo!! That's great news.
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What great news - a clean bill of helath and a possible forever home! What a great day!
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