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Help! New kitten needs help!

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We saved a gorgeous kitten a few days ago from being killed. He was rather skinny and had a bloated stomach.
For the first day or two, we fed him water-soaked adult cat food. He was a littly gassy, and had a few accidents on the ground but, took very well to his litter box...
Now, we switched him onto his kitten food, and he has very bad diahrea! Its been so for about two days now...And what makes it worse, is that his bum kinda looks like its 'sticking out' at times...

Anyway...the quicker we can get help, the better....

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I'd say you need to get the little guy to a vet for his first check-up. I'm assuming he hadn't been wormed when you got him ( the bloated belly), and diarrhea that's been going on for a couple of days can lead to dehydration. I defnitely would not use an OTC wormer.
Hope your new baby starts feeling better soon, but he really does need to be checked out.
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Sounds like he might have worms to me as well. A vet visit is an excellent idea. OTC worm medications are dangerous and often useless. To firm up his stool you could add a little canned pumpkin (not the pie filling kind, just the pure pumpkin) to his food.
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I agree - the poor little thing probably needs a vet check up and soon - to see what the problem is and to be given fluids.

Good on you for rescuing the poor little thing, you undoubtedly saved its life!

Stick with the high quality tinned food, maybe give some KMR as well to help get its fluid levels back up, and try giving a number of small meals throughout the day rather than giving big meals. That's one mistake we made when we first started fostering our little Smudge - she was a gutso and would eat and eat and eat, and we figured she was really hungry, so let her have as much as she wanted, but that just caused diarrhea, and made her dehydrated!
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