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Raw Diet For Cats

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I am really thinking about switching my cats to a raw diet. I found a really great site with a printable book. I read about all the benefits of feeding cats raw foods. They include meats, vegetables, fruits, herbal supplements, and a very need alternative to bonemeal. They use grinded eggshells. I printed out the book and read every last bit of it. I have also heard that raw diets are way better and more nutritious than feeding commercial cat foods. Has anyone ever fed their cat a raw diet? I have 7 cats to feed so I am switching them in 2003. Besides, I just picked up an 18lb bag of cat food!

Here's the link...

Raw Diet For Cats

Any help would be appreciated!
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If I had more time and money to do this, I would, as maybe I can live on Ramen, but I'm not going to force my cat too, not much of a raw diet.

I've helped one of my former clients switch her JRT to it however, and they are both very happy, her dog actually EATS now.

I personally think it's the best way to feed your animal. You can control how much of what they get, and to what qaulity.
There are a lot of links out there for the RAW, or BARF diet. Though it's harder to find ones directed at cats and not dogs, but most of the same rules apply, you just have to study on what is ok, and what isn't ok for cats, and to what amount.
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Thanks. I have read alot more about it and I am really looking forward to switching my cats to something they will love.
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