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Mushy's Kittens

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Ok, they're two weeks old tomorrow. Almost all of them have their eyes open. One of the kittens has one eye open and the other one is almost all of the way open. Should it be all of the way open? Or should I give it a couple of days. I wish I knew when it opened, but I was on vacation for 4 days and they all opened while I was away boo
Also, while I was gone, Mushy decided to move the babies under the bed. My brother moved them to a different spot and she seems fine with it, but is it normal for them to move their babies this far into it?
When do mamas allow you to start handling their babies? Mushy wants nothing to do with others handling her kittens... she tries to take them away if I'm holding one. I know they're young, but I'd like to get some pictures.
We moved the babies to a laundry basket, but how long until they outgrow this and what do I move them to?
Last, I have unlimited dry kitten food sitting out all of the time, a full water bowl, and I feed her a can of wet kitten food everyday. My issue is that I was away for 4 days and Mushy's dry food bowl didn't need to be filled up at all. She was eating dry food no problem before she gave birth, but now she doesn't seem to want anything to do with it. I figure, if she's hungry, she'll eat the dry food, but my theory doesn't seem to be working... when she's not getting wet food, she eats the dry.
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I'd still give her the choice of wet/dry kitten food (what brand?).

As far as handling them, I handle kittens from day one. No reason you can't pet and hold a kitten WITHIN sight of mom and do not take them out of her sight. Some 1st time mothers are more nervous about kittens and may move them if they feel threatened.

Depending on the size of the basket, you need to make sure mom has plenty of room to stretch out when nursing. I'd keep mom/kittens in one room till they are older.

As far as eyes, they should just about be all opened at 2 weeks; you might try gently washing with warm water on a cotton ball on the sticky eye.
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I"ve handled the kittens from day 1 also. I dont see why you shouldn't. But Kalli likes it when i hold her babies, she looks all proud. And when I come oveer to see them alot of times she leaves to go eat, and expects me to watchthem for her, its really cute!
As for the basket, can you get a bigger cardboard box for her? I know Kalli and her babies are soon going to grow out of their box. Especially since there are 7 of them.
I was worried about the food issue too, Kalli loved it before she gave birth too... Hmm...
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Well, before I found out she was preggo, I had just switched them all to Chicken Soup. When I found out she was pregnant, I researched good kitten foods and got a little bit mixed up when I went to the store and got the Felidae cat/kitten food (the site I was on said that they normally don't recommend cat food for kitten food, but this brand was especially good for kittens). Unfortunately they were talking about the wet food, not the dry. So I gradually switched her to that. I was thinking that maybe she just doesn't like that kind and maybe I'll have to try her on something else, but she has eaten it in the past...
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