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What happens when the alpha is no longer around

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Well as some of you may know my Jordan may be very sick. He has always been the alpha kitty and no one questioned it. I know that if something should happen to him Isaac will be next in line, but my concern is for Levi. He's only attached to Jordan. He is afraid of Isaac & lives peacfully with Maggie. I know that they will all miss Jordan, but I'm really worried about what to expect for Levi? IF the worst should happen, what can I do to make the transition easier for my Big Boy?
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Oh what a very sad situation you are in. I am certain that your cats will notice that Jordan is "gone." I guess that I would try to keep some items that smell like him around for Levi. I really hope that Jordan makes it through, so I am sending you prayers and vibes for his recovery.
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I see what your concern is, If Jordan is not the captain, Isaac the pirate will of course take the wheel. Isaac has been already secretly doing so with Levi while Jordan isn't looking or within his set limits....... completely understandable and probably correct. It may balance out and not change since this is what is "the law" as far as the status so far, Isaac could become withdrawn from the loss(sorry to suggest), Levi could step up or down, Maggie could rule the world! Keep us updated, hard to suggest anything at this point, good luck to all and hope that Jordan is healthy, and still king!
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Oh my it's always scary when the alpha dynamic changes in a house!! What I've witnessed with mine is that the bonds between the lesser cats don't change when a new alpha takes over. And often times it is the cat you least expect that becomes alpha. I've found that usually its not the aggressive cat in the household - they are the bullies and no one really likes them. The alpha's that have emerged in my household were always the ones with the most cat friends in the house. It's almost as if the cats take a secret vote and they make the decision amongst themselves. I wouldn't be surprised in Maggie does land on top. Isaac will be a little teed off for a while, but eventually he will figure it out.
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I am hoping that if something happens Maggie ends up on top. Isaac already picks on my poor Levi and I'm afraid it would be worse if he was Alpha.
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Well Jordan was feeling really good this weekend and on Thursday night he let Isaac know in no uncertain terms who was still alpha. Isaac was asleep on the bed, Jordan looked at him, walked up to him took his scruff in his mouth & stood over Isaac for a good minet. Isaac just layed there and took it. I figure that was Jordan's way of saying, look I'm still in charge around here stop trying to steel my food. Then yesterday morning I had to put Jordan on a time out because he wouldn't stop chasing Maggie around. Once again I think this was a reminder to her as to who's in charge.
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wow sorry to hear whats going on. Do you have any pictures of your gang i would really love to see them
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Let me try this again.
Front row Maggie on the Left, Jordan on the right
Back row Levi on the Left, Isaac on the right.


Hopefully this works, I couldn't get the photo to resize correctly.
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levi the shorthair blue cat? wow beautiful
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Originally Posted by chausiefan View Post
levi the shorthair blue cat? wow beautiful
Yep, the shorthair blue is my big boy Levi.
Thanks, I think they are beautiful kitties, but I'm a little biased.
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