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Strange Meows?

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I was wondering if it is possible for a cat to have a silent meow? It seems that Jainy is not able to meow and ends up opening her mouth and making a tiny sound like a whisper or an ity bity hiss. I know she isn't mute because if she is angry or scared she shrieks. Are these sounds normal for a cat or is she really trying to say that she is not happy?
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Well, personally, I have NEVER seen a cat that doesn't meow! That's kind of cool and unusual!

I do know that every cat is different, as some cats are VERY vocal and some hardly ever make a peep. Has this cat been 'quiet' all it's life or is it something that just came up?

I would suggest bring the cat to the vet for a 'check up' just to make sure there is nothing wrong with throat or vocal cords! It never hurts to be cautious! If all medical possibilities are ruled out, then I would think the cat is just this way! I found a good article for you to read


Take a look at this link, and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to where it talks about 'silent cats'! I hope that may help you some!

Me and you should switch cats for a day! My PHX is SOOO loud, sometimes I wish he was mute No, not really!

Whatever you find out, just make sure you update us Good luck!
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From what I've read, silent meows are absolutely possible and are not health-related.

Here's a real life example: This morning, I whispered "good morning" to my newest member of the household, Penny. She is a VERY vocal kitty, sometimes quite loud with her "merr-OWs"

In response to my whispered morning greeting, she looked directly at me, and gave me a silent meow - I heard air come out of her mouth, but that was it.

It was SO cute. I whispered to her, so she whispered right back.
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Cats can have different meows for different occasions and some are definately more vocal then the rest. She may be using that specific sound to represent something and I would suggest watching her to see if she does it for the same reason every time. One of my cats got his nickname for his meow, his real name is Striker, but we always call him Gweeky as his meow is just a little gweek/meep sound. I think that you will find when you watch her that she is very vocal and has set sounds for different things. The more you pay attention the more you will be able to better understand your cats and her needs. I can tell from a distance which cat of mine is making a noise and depending on the meow I can also often determine what they are commenting on.

If she sounds like she is in pain, please take her to the vet!
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Thanks for the comments everyone. She has her 12 week check up thursday, I was asking to see if i should talk to the vet about it. It doesn't seem to be pain. She does it only to me and only when I enter a room that she is alone in. As far as I can tell she seems to be saying "Oh, it's just you again" But I can't really tell because other than the car trip shrieks its the only noise I ever heard her make.
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You know my guess would be that she's fine! Every cat is different and she's probably just a quieter cat! But just to make sure I would bring it up to the vet and her check up
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Originally Posted by bakearama View Post
She does it only to me and only when I enter a room that she is alone in. As far as I can tell she seems to be saying "Oh, it's just you again"
Awwwwww...it's her special greeting just for you.
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If you are concerned then take you sweetheart into the vet.

I do have a cat - Kuce - that has a wide variety of meows, including the precious Silent Meow. She is so adorable when she does it and so sweet.
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I think it's fine, really. My Possum has this breathy low noise he makes, sometimes there's a squeak with it, sometimes not. It's very adorable. Maybe it's "I need you." or something, I'm still getting used to cat vocalizations. He makes it when I get up in the morning and am going to feed him, and when I'm sitting on the couch and he gets up after sleeping, and wants me to pet him.

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