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I'm a firm believer in waxing. It was extremely painful the first time I did it, but now that I'm used to it, I love it.

Although I'm intrigued by this epilator. Does it pull out the hair just like waxing does, only without the mess of wax? Is the pain level about the same as with waxing? I haven't bothered to wax my legs in awhile because I don't have a microwave to heat the wax up in any more, so the whole process is a bit of a pain, and if there's a less messy way to get the same results I'll be all over that!
If you wax you can handle the epilator. Yes, it pulls the hair out like the wax does... and NO mess. I DO have VERY sensitive skin so I try to do it at night. Basically I get little red bumps where the hair is removed but they go away after a good application of lotion and a few hours. Actually, even that has gotten better as I've used it. The only place I would NEVER use it is my bikini or face.