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Help me help "my" pigeons

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Well, winter's finally arrived. I now have several inches of snow on the roof where I usually feed my pigeons. They don't like landing in the snow when it's that deep (not that I blame them). I tried clearing a patch on the roof, but it musn't be big enough-it's like a football scrum when they feed. I also put some seed on an old cookie sheet and put that on the roof, but they aren't interested.

I feel really bad, since the main reason they hang around is because I feed them. I don't want them to starve every time it snows. So, does anyone have suggestions? I can't put any sort of permanent structure on the roof, but anything short of that would be really helpful.
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Christy, I don't have much advice regarding Pigeons. Personally, they are not my favorite buddies. I have been trying to feed birds every winter and my neighbor raises Pigeons. They fly over, scatter the food everywhere and leave. Thye do not let the smaller ones get close at all. It really makes me mad when I see the tiny ones not being able to get to the food.

I don't think you have to worry too much about pigeons. They seem to be a very hardy kind of bird. They are VERY fond of sun flower seeds because that's what they seemed to devour at home.

I have a huge wooded bird feeder so I am not too sure what else you could use. The problem with it being on the ground is that as soon as it snow, it disappears from view and unless you are out there after every centimeter of snow, maybe they are just not spotting it.
But since you can't do this, your options are pretty limited.

I'm sure you'll get some good advice.
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Hey...I was thinking: What about an old Baby bath? Even if it is not huge, it will certaily hold quite a bit and it would be easy to move. Pigeons will fight for food, no matter how much room they have.
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I think the baby bath is a good idea! I was going to ask if you could build some type of wooden crate to hold the seed, but the baby bath would work just as good!
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If it snows and then warms up there will be water on the bottom of the tub and the seed will rot. You could try turning the tub up-side down and prop up one end with the seed under it. This will shelter it from the snow and maybe be a bit warmer as well. They didn't like the cookie sheet because it was very cold and their feet could have stick to it like an icetray in your freezer... you do remember metal ice trays don't you?!?
Best of luck!
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Is it a flat roof top? You could build a short table and cover it with that fake grass carpet. After they are done eating you can flip it over or stand it on it's side so the snow doesn't stick on it. Maybe even a flat piece of particle board could work.
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Ghys - I'm pretty sure Christy's not so much worried about the pigeons as she is about Ivo's entertainment!

Other thoughts - the blow-up kiddy pool (is that what is meant by a baby bath?) or - a couple of folding card tables? I don't know if you even have to clean off the card tables and fold them up and put them away - maybe just leave them out and toss the seed underneath them (hopefully the snow is on top of them!)

Cheap version - home depot. A large piece of plywood and two saw horses.

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Ghys - I'm pretty sure Christy's not so much worried about the pigeons as she is about Ivo's entertainment!
Well, Laurie, I have to admit that I am worried about the pigeons. I have no idea what an ordinary pigeon lifestyle is like. All I know is that "my flock" is really spoiled by the premiere birdseed (something from PetSmart in a really big container) they get. Maybe I'm a big softie, but I feel bad if I've attracted them here with food during the good days (no snow days), I have to take care of them during the bad days.

Well, when I came home, I found that they had eaten all the seed I had thrown in the snow, along with what was in the cookie sheet (DragonLady, I didn't even think about their feet freezing on the metal). The roof is black tar, so I think it warmed up enough during the day to melt enough for them to come down and eat. I think I just have to invest in a shovel to clear my roof to feed the pigeons (and how many people will say that?). Well, I guess spoiling Ivo has spread to her feathered friends!
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How about a tarp? Just make sure you put some rocks on the corners. Pull it back and spread thier feed on it. Put it back when thier finished.
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That's a great idea! I just wonder if the pigeons would be frightened of something like that.
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To clear the snow you could get some salt and pour it into some warm water, the pour the water over the area you want clearing. The salt will stop it freezing over and you'll have a good spot to put your food.
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Maybe the birds don't like salt on their seed tho?

Seriously, some kind of wooden structure with open sides that you can put the seed under and that won't get snow under it would seem the best idea. Something fairly solid but disassembleable (huh - is that a word?).
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You ARE a big softie! Pigeons, in my book, are like the cockroaches of the bird world! How kind are you to worry about them!!!! Sorry for "talking out of school!"

I guess I'm just glad we don't have pigeons around here.

We keep bird feeders - but just to attract the birds for the cats to watch. The R.V. Park is on a small working farm - but it is 240 acres - mostly woodland (unfarmed). So there are LOTS of birds around here - with lots of food naturally available. We actually have to put out the (premium) "only nuts" and thistle birdseed just to attract birds to the feeders! Otherwise they have much "quieter" places to feed - and no show for the cats!

There is the CUTEST titmouse (small grey birds with a tuft on the head and white bellies) that just loves to tease the cats. He's learned they can't get at him and I would swear he performs antics on the feeder that is on suction cups on the window just to drive them insane. LOL!
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I am TERRIFIED of pigeons. I don't like feathers - phobia I guess. The pidges in London are fearsome. They just don't get out of the way. They stand there and look at you as if to say 'Yeah - what're you staring at'!!

Maybe if they ran away from me I wouldn't be so bothered about them. But they don't they seem to sense my fear and fly straight at me - at which point I get near hysterical!!

Nevertheless - I don't like to see any animal suffering or hungry or cold. But they are survivors, you just don't see dead pidges - unless they've had an arguement with a car or something!
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Christy - don't know if you've had much snow since the original problem krept up - but have you decided what you'll do? I got curious about what the final solution was or is going to be!

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Actually, the pigeons seem to have solved it themselves! They got so hungry, they went after the food even in the snow. I plan on shoveling a clear spot near the window, using my old cookie sheet, to feed them at.
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Sounds like the easiest of solutions! I thought of you today when I saw the ground feeding birds (Juncos - we don't have pigeons out here) waddling around in the snow pecking up the millet the birds toss out of the feeder. Pigeons are very hearty animals! I'm sure they'll be fine.

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