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Randy cat

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My cat Peedoodle, last night, got a bit 'overexcited' while kneading on a blanket. This morning I woke up because he was trying to 'hump' my foot.
He doesnt do this very often but I find it odd because he has been fixed and I wouldnt think he would feel anything. I tried to stop him by blowing in his face, trying to remove him from the bed and clapping my hands (he hates it) but it seemed to make him worse. How do I stop him from trying to hump my legs?
Is this normal of Peedoodle to do that?
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If a male cat reaches sexual maturity before he was neutered, it is not unusual for thm to do that. Fred still is amorous with my little female that has not yet been spayed, and he has been fixed for years. If he was fixed before he matured, I have no clue!
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Where can I find this Bach's rescue remedy?
Peedoodle only gets like this when he is on a certain blanket, it is a fleecy kind of blanket, he is normal in other aspects, will play and eat and go to the litter as normal, but when it comes to that certain blankey, his hormones go into overdrive.
Unfortunately I dont know when he was neutered, because we answered an ad in the paper as someone couldnt take care of him, but he could have been neutered at a late age, and that blanket somehow sets him off. I will remove the blanket and see if it makes any difference.


Kellye (c:
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I changed the blanket that Peedoodle fell in love with and he hasnt behaved that way since. So, I think I need to wash that blanket, I guess there was something on it that he smelled that set him off. I dont see how because it has been sitting in a closet for a while and I only put it out on the end of the bed for him as he likes to sleep at the end. Now we have a different blanket and so hes calmed down LOL
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I was just reading this thread and it made me wonder...

Ed tries to climb on Coco sometimes. He was neutered before I adopted him (at 4 months old). Coco is also spayed. Isn't this just an instinct of some sort or is he being abnormal?
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Sometimes mounting behaviour is part of establishing a heirarchy between the cats. Ed may just be "reminding" Coco that he is Alpha cat and don't forget it!
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