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Bad Prognosis

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Well, I brought Gracy back to vet. She didn't eat at all over the weekend, and seemed constipated. She's not been well for about a month. He showed me the x-ray, she has a mass in her stomach. He said if it was his cat he wouldn't do anything, but per her to sleep. I'm upset about this. I love this cat sooooooo much. When is it the right time to put her down? She's not lethargic, but the vet said that she's uncomfortable. Any advice is appreciated.

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I am so sorry for you and Gracy. It is never easy to hear a terminal diagnosis.

In my experience I have never had a vet recommend euthanasia unless they thought is was the only course of action. If he said she is in discomfort that gives me the feeling your vet believes putting Gracy to sleep ASAP is the kindest thing for her, not to prolong her suffereing.

The thing about cats is they rarely show outward signs of pain. Instinctively they get very quiet and hide. Without food or fluids she is going to die of dehydration in about a week.

You also need to be able to get your mind around letting your girl pass over the bridge. This is a hard thing to do when faced with it suddenly and having to make a choice. Give yourself a little time to comprehend the situation. If you have more questions call your vet and let him know your concerns. We are never ready to let them go, but sometimes it is the kindest thing for them even though it brings us great emotional pain.

Lots of hugs for you at this very difficult time.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Gracy. If it would make you feel better about the decision you could always get a 2nd opinion from another vet. Keep in mind though, the vet probably wouldn't have made that suggestion unless he thought she was suffering.

Believe me, I know how hard it is to make that decision. It will soon be 6 months since I made the decision to let go of my sweet Alley. I know how much it hurts, but you need to do what is best for your girl. I know you don't want her hurting.

I'll be thinking of you and Gracy.
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I am so sorry about your Gracy, this is a very difficult decision, but I believe she will tell you if it's the right time, follow your heart, you will be in my thoughts and prayers
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I'm so sorry to hear about Gracey. If I were in your shoes, I would get a second opinion, then go from there.
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I am so sorry.
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I'm SO sorry for what you and Gracy are going through. If she were my kitty and she doesn't seem to be suffering, I would hold onto her a bit longer until it just feels right. But I can't tell you what would be best for you and Gracy. I'm sorry I can't say anything to help
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I am so sorry to hear of your news. I know there is nothing anyone can say to make this easier, but I agree with getting a 2nd opinion. Then you know that you did everything you could have, if that would make you feel better. (((HUGS)))

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I'm so sorry to hear about Gracy's diagnosis.

I just went through this with Palekana. She was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer in February. I tried different medications and foods but she never got better, had increasing problems eating and lost weight. On May 18 I took her back to the vet and an abdominal mass was found. As with your Gracy, the vet recommended immediate euthanasia because she believed Palekana was in pain. Instead I took her home with pain medication. On day six it was obvious that it was time for Palekana to go to the Rainbow Bridge.

If she can be kept comfortable I understand why you want to have her at home. You and Gracy together will know when it is time.

I'll be thinking of you and sending hugs.
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Talk to Gracie and look into her eyes. Tell her that you love her and don't want her to be in pain. Be very quiet and listen to your heart; you will know the right thing to do. Sometimes the right thing for our babies is the hardest thing for us.

When our Claire was having trouble breathing, we wanted so bad to keep her longer. But when I talked to her, she said that she wanted to go, that breathing this air was much too hard. We listened to her and now are very very sad. Claire sent us rambunctious Paisley, nothing like Claire at all, but Paisley was thrown away in a dumpster and needed us. Claire knew we needed her. It's hard to be sad when there is a romping wild kitty in your house.

You and your darling Gracie are in my prayers. You will do what she wants you to.
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I'm so so sorry you're having to make such a heartbreaking decision. I'm sending lots of good vibes your way.
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I am so sorry to hear about Gracie. I also send you good vibes.
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Oh, I am so sad to hear this! I am praying for you and Gracie.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
I'm so sorry to hear about Gracey. If I were in your shoes, I would get a second opinion, then go from there.
I totally agree with the above. Hugs and kisses to Gracey.
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