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Benson is learning from 8-Bit!

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I totally forgot about how I was woken up yesterday morning. DH reminded me last night. We always talk about how the kitties were when he gets up in the morning.

It was about 3 am and I was hearing this crinkling sound. I had DH get up to check to see what the heck it was. He came back to report nothing. About 15 minutes later I heard this big BANG! I jolt out of bed and see this black blob (glasses were off) climbing out of the kitchen cabinet above the stove. The little bugger was in the cabinet knocking out cans of beans and potatoes.

The night before we heard another crash. That one day we had about 6 flies in the house and Benson loves to munch on them. Well in the middle of the night he saw one flying in the corner by the end table. DH was taking too long to jump out of bed so I ran into the living room to find the lamp laying on the floor. I picked it up and went back to sleep. DH smelled this horrible odor and was checking things out but couldn't figure out what it was so he crawled back in bed. Just then I jolted up and told him to look for a bottle of oil that was on the table. Sure enough more than half the bottle was spilled on the table. I can't really blame Benson for this one. DH was so mad I sent him back out to clean it up.

So that's my Benson story for the week. I wonder what he will get into tonight.
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Two words: Baby Locks!

Awwww... Benson.... you are just learning from the master!
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Ahh, they can be so creative when they entertain themselves at night.
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It was about time that 8-Bit took on a disciple anyway. He should open a school for miscreant kitties!
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