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e-mail addresses please !!

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Hi everybody !! I'd love to send an e-mail card to many of you all ! But I have no addresses ..

So , anybody interested in a x-mas card from me , please send me (pm or e-mail) your e-mail address !
Thanks !!!
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Here's mine, tis a Hotmail address so everyone can use it.
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I sent you a PM.
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Debs knows something we don't..........EEK!
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BuNN - I think Debby just follows instructions! :LOL: LUT is asking for a PM or email. Oooops! Sorry, I didn't follow the instruction myself!
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some of you are asking mine , so here it is :

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e-cards! e-cards! Here's me:

(I'm not following instructions either because I hope others continue to post here so I'll get them too!!!)

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Too funny Kim. I actually clicked on it. Curiosity is one of my weaknesses!

I think this Thread is a great idea Lut. Perhaps we should make sure it remains close by at all times. Or, at least until I've copied everyone's email address!!!
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I'm already getting all the spam I can handle. It will be refreshing to get something I don't immediately click and delete!
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Thank You

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I've just sent out e-cards to all the e-mails shown. If I have missed you out then please say so, I have no memory of what I do from one day to the next :P I may have also sent duplicates as I didn't write down which ones I had sent them too etc.
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I'll send some e-cards over the weekend.
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I am assuming these are TCS cards?

Don't forget the holidays caption this cards are already here:

And you have our other Holiday & Christmas cards:
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I'm saying nothing, you'll only hit me :tounge2: I've sent a few TCS cards to my mum and she sent one back. I'm going to have a good toot at TCS cards
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I want to join in on the fun!
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Jedi wants one!

Jedi's Email Addy =)
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I've been a little I too late????

Email for Kassandra and Nakita!
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