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Just some random things that come to mind. . .

One tip an old hat at showing gave me was to write my cat's number on my wrist. Sometimes, it really helps to see the number you wrote down when your cat is suddenly called in for a final! At a show back in March, my sister's Turkish Van was called up for a final. We were sitting and waiting for this other person to bring up their cat. . . waiting and waiting. . . until I checked the number on my wrist! My Mau, Bailey!!

Make sure that the card with your boy's holding cage is blue. I once saw a Tonkinese go from female to male and champion to premier in one show! Poor little guy, what a day. . .

Another tip is make sure your cat never makes eye contact with another cat in the show. This can really bother them. . . and if your cat is really stressed by other animals, you can request the ring clerk that your cat be placed behind the judge where he cannot see any other cats.

It's great that you're working with him as a kitten. It will only make him more confident in the ring as an adult.
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Good tips!! I'll have to remember to do write down Rowdy's number. Showing is stressful enough... he doesn't need an identity crisis, too! haha- That was pretty funny.

I'll try to work with him- it's hard to make time to do all of these things but I'm trying to do as many of them as I can. Haven't had time to give him his bath yet this weekend, but I might still try to do it tonight....
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OK, so I took Rowdy on a little car ride to nowhere on Sunday and that went well. I need to try that again this afternoon.

Last night I gave him a "practice bath". I filled the tub with a couple of inches of warm water and put some little floating toys in there. I turned a wire basket upside down for him to stand on without being "wet". I put him on the wire basket and he immediately jumped in the water. He was a little surprised to find out that he was wet, but didn't seem disappointed. He just kinda lifted his paw and shook it a little. He was interested in the toys but didn't go pouncing. When my husband saw me doing this, he got a little upset because it was close to bedtime and he didn't want to have to deal with drying him off. That being said, I cut his bath-visit short, and took him out of the water.

We started drying his little paws (that was all that was wet). When we put him down, he immediately jumped back in the tub! When he did this he started slipping around (there wasn't a mat in there... I didn't think I'd need one with the supervised visit. I will remember for next time!). Since he was sliding, he started to panic a little bit. He started leaping towards the side, but the tub is pretty deep and he would just fall back in.... getting soaking wet, of course. All of this is happening very fast- we weren't just staring at him struggle- FYI! We were finally able to grab him and get him out of the water. He was fairly scared but let us dry him off. He then started run around the house.... wasn't sure if he was excited or scared or what. I'm thinking it was a nervous run.

He isn't afraid of the blow dryer so I took it out and turned it on low. He seemed to be interested in challenging it to a duel, so while he was swatting at it, it was able to dry his feet and tail a little bit more.

::whew:: I hope that adventure didn't leave a bad taste in his mouth towards the tub! He seemed to like it at first, but obviously the second trip wasn't nearly as much fun. I'll take pictures the next time we try this! Last night was a spur-of-the-moment sort of thing.
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However, do NOT be using a blow dryer on him when giving the real bath. You just towel him dry (2 towels), and use your hands to smooth him down. The put him in a room with no drafts and let him air dry/lick himself dry. During that time (maybe once or twice check on him and smooth down the coat again with your hands - no comb, no blow dryer
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OH ok- That being said, was it bad for me to use the blow dryer at all? Does it hurt him? I just want to make sure that I didn't damage my baby!!
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No it didn't hurt him as you were only using it on feet and tail (I'm assuming from your post) but you don't want to use it like you would to dry a longhair. It will mess up the coat - make it too dry and maybe frizz it. I do know that blow dryers on a rex coat will make it frizzy!

Friend of mine that I sold a kitten to (didn't listen) and blew dry the kitten - I showed the kitten for her at a show. She dropped the kitten off in the morning for me to take. I didn't have time to redo the kitten but the coat was really dry.

After the first day of showing I called her up and asked her WHAT did she wash the kitten with - she used what I told her but added "I didn't want her to get chilled so I blew dried her"! I kinda chewed her out nicely. REwashed the kitten that nite and when the kitten was shown next day (properly groomed), the kitten took one or two finals! She apparently didn't believe me when I told her not to blow dry
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Ahhhh... well that makes sense! It's backwards with my hair- no blow dry, lots of frizz!

I'm just glad I didn't damage his skin or something- that's what I was worried about. I'll be sure not to blow dry him for a real show. (his paws and tail were all that were affected last night).

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