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Need some *get the job* vibes

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I just came back from a job interview and I really hope I'll get the job.

Before going to the interview, I wasn't hoping for much (the job description said almost nothing... no salary, no description of the tasks or environment... just that it was an office job)

I went there and met with the two men running the business. It's a small family business, small office and seems like really nice people. But I think the poor guys didn't really know how to conduct job interviews (they said the person who had the office job before was there for 15 years). They seemed to like me though.

The job pays well, it seems like a really relax and friendly atmosphere and it's in a convenient location. I think the main thing that may stand in the way of getting the job is that they're looking for a long-term employee and they might guess by my two university degrees that I probably wouldn't stay 15 years.

Still.... I REALLY hope I get the job.

I should know later today or tomorrow.
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Best of luck to you! I hope you get it!!
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Oh - good luck. I hope that they consider that you will be an asset to the company even if you don't stay for long!
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for you, Wormy! Hope you get the job vibes coming that way....
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{{{{{Get the Job Vibes}}}}} coming your way!!!!
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Wow... those TCS vibes are powerful stuff! Thanks!
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WOW!!! Thats great!! Congratulations!!
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Woohoo!!! Tons of congratulations!!!
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Great news - good luck on the job.
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I really hope that the job is as good as it sounds.

The bosses said that they needed someone to run the office because they're often away on business. They also said it was a pretty low-key and not stressful environment. I'll also get to learn to do some basic accounting, so that'll be something nice to add to my resume.
And to make it better, the pay is higher than I had expected to get. ($6K higher than my last job) So I should be able to save lots of money.
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WTG Wormy! I knew you could do it!
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congrats on the new job!
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OMG I'm so excited for you! Congrats!!
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Congrats - what fabulous news. You deserve the extra money.
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Way to go!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
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