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Bad Habits?

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What are your worst habits?

Me, I bite my nails and I don't mean nibble I mean chew them right down. I love it, dunno why, but I once tried growing them and I couldn't do my job properly, so I started again (that's my excuse)

I also, lol, chew paper and make little tubes out of magazine edges. I think it's some nerve thing. I'm also very untidy, I'll take my socks off in bed then when I come to make it they fall out at the bottom into a heap with all the others. I then wonder where all my socks are.
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I'm sometimes so lazy that it gets to my nerves LOL! I would have tonz of things to do but no, I rather either surf or play with the cats
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I am a nail biter, but I am trying to stop, so I am hoping that I have enough will power not to bite them this time. Unfortunately, hubby is worse than I am when it comes to nail biting, and when I see him doing it, I start doing it. Grrrrr.
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I do the curling up corners of bits of paper/magazines etc also. I do the same with fabric, I make little pyramids out of the dangly bit if the tablecloth or duvet cover/pillowcase. I've done it every since I was a kid.

Other than that - no real bad habits, other than maybe being too laid back with little sense of urgency . . .
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My worst habit...smoking. I also have to have things planned out. I have a little trouble with spontenaeity (sp?)
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Oh I don't have ANY bad habits! :laughing: Ya, right! I could write a book! :laughing: I used to bite my nails, too...but then my mom (when I was 16) paid me 10 dollars to stop biting them. When I was 19 i had such outrageously long nails she then offered me 10 dollars to start biting them again. :LOL: I still don't bite them, but I have at least kept them to a fairly normal length now!
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Hmmm, I don't really have too many bad habits outwardly that I can think of, but I can sure tell you I have a butt load of mental disturbances!!
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i worry about every penny i spend. not just worry like, "is there going to be enough money?" more like... should i have bought that? should i have spent that $2 on _____? even at the grocery store, i worry about buying food because i might not be spending my money wisely. you know, maybe another store has it on sale and should have gone there. it's completely over the top.
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My bad habits? I grind my jaw and I chew on my tongue when I'm really stressed. For all you nail biters I suggest getting acrylic nails.I also crack my neck. Let's see um smoking, leaving my clothes in the bathroom, never pay bills on time. I could go on and on and on!
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Messy, messy, messy! Drives the hubby nuts as he is a neat freak!
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Ewww... I smoke—BUT not in my house or around my Mac....but i smoke.....not good.
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I smoke too, Kim. BUT not around the baby...and you are IS bad! more bad habit confession from me... I am one of those horrible people who drinks the milk right out of the carton when noone is looking!!!! I know, I know....slap my hands.
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Lets see here, bad habits. I smoke, I chew the skin around my nails when I can't smoke, I bite my lip (I am doing right now), the list could go on and on. Those are the main ones. I actually stopped smoking in my home about 3 weeks ago. My husband stoped so I started going outside. I am smoking alot less now.

Adrienne I am with you, very, very messy and hubby is a neat freak. I don't think I have ever meet a man so neat and clean as my husband. It drives me nuts sometimes. He is always on my case to do this or that. He actually goes through the house trying to find something to fix up or clean.
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Wow! Send him my way!! :laughing:
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Let's see I smoke, and I'm a foot jiggler. That's all I can think of.
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My worst habit ?? I take to many pictures ...
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Hmmm lemme see...I get a bit hoony if my housemate borrows something from my room and puts it back in the wrong place. Also I am one of those hopeless people who have their books lined up on the bookshelf in height order - and go a little crazy if someone's just stuffed a book back in the wrong place. I'm like, "Can you not see that the books are in order? And you just shove that book just anywhere?"

Hmmm...I hate doing dishes, I'll leave them as long as I can.

Also, I always give in and succumb to the 'time hogs' - those furbabies that want to have a long cuddle and scritch just as you're wanting to rush out the door because you're already 20 minutes late for an appointment.

I blow my nose too much when I get nervous, because I'm paranoid that a boogie might be hanging there LOL.

I stand in front of the fridge with the door open trying to decide what I want to eat.

There's more but I'm feeling all embarrassed!
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Smoking is my only bad habit. Bill has emphysema and asthma so, I don't smoke in the house. Cigarette taxes just doubled, here and with the cold mornings and nights, I may just quit. At the moment, I wrap up in an old blanket.
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I am sooo glad I am not the only nail biter in the world! I, too, get them right down to where there is nothing to grab on to anymore. I can't stop! I wish I could, but I do it without even being aware that I am doing it. I even tried acrylics more than once! They looked GREAT, but don't you know I kept popping those things off! UGH! I think it is a hopeless cause so I have learned to accept it!
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