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Good stuff

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With the hot weather, I wear skirts more often but my legs are very pale. Being fair-skinned, wrinkle and skin cancer cautious, I avoid the sun, though. In the past, I've tried self-tanners and didn't like the results. Sunday, I picked up a bottle of Dove Energy Glow moisturizer, with self-tanner. My legs now have a nice, even golden color, which is supposed to deepen, with continued use. I've also used Jergen's Natural Glow but didn't like the results, as it has a tendency to streak.

I just don't want to look like this one woman at work. She got a fake tan and has missed several spots. In addition, its a horrible shade, for her and she looks as if she's been rolling in dirt
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That's great that you found something that works...maybe you need to share that with your co-worker
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I have the Jergens face right now and not noticed a spot of difference, but I got the fair and probably should have gotten the medium anyhoo, I might try the Dove then for my legs I never see the sun so I'm not very golden either
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The Dove has a lower percentage of the self-tanner. Therefore, it has a lower propensity to streak. The bottle says that it takes about a week, to build up a good color/glow.
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Oohh I tried the Jergens last year & didn't like the results either. I'm gonna try the Dove! I just used it on my legs and arms- I never used it on my face since I usually get enough color on my face... I was always worried about using face tanners... I dont want to be streaky on my face!
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How does the Dove do in the knee and ankle areas? Those are the places that always seem to streak or get off-color from the rest for me.
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I tried the Jergens last year and got horrible streaky orange legs right at the height of summer and couldn't wear shorts for 2 weeks.
I'll try the Dove too, I like the sound of building up the tan more slowly.
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I never had an issue with Jergens. I did have an issue with Target's version of Jergens. Maybe I will give Dove a shot. I like their shower gel and lotions.
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I love the Doves energy glow And I also like Doves calming nights I always recommend those 2
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My knees and ankles are looking fine. Don't use TOO much and make sure to rub it ALL in. I'm using it twice a day - morning and evening.
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I use the Jergens one, and it looks fine

BTW I love the invention of this stuff..its pretty much fool proof...and I am so pale..this excites me very much to get such an easy, safe tan
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