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goofy cat

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can anyone tell me why my tabby cat always play in her water dish, Makes a awful mess on or wooden floors.
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Some cats just like to play in water, one of my boys does. He won't drink until he's got the water sloshing around, so I just put the bowl in a disposable lasagne pan to catch the overflow.
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Sounds as if she's having fun. How old is she? If she's young she may grow bored with it in time. It may be an idea to get a washable mat or tray to put under her water bowl if the finish on your floors is likely to end up with water marks.

She might enjoy something like a drinkwell pet fountain - although it may be more messy for you!

Perhaps you could occassionally put a shallow tray with a small amount of water in it in the bath for her to play with if that's what she likes to do, at least she may get her water fun out of her system in an easy to clean place!

One of mine likes to play with water, every time I turn on a tap he's there flicking it all over the place
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that sounds like her,she is about 8 months old and is still playful. I'll think we can have fun with this
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Sophie is always putting her paw in the water and sometimes will tip the bowl over. I think she want to "see" the water. Also, I think cats like to drink from running/moving water!
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Marmalade jumps into the bath when she wants a drink even thought there is a bowl of water available for her at all times. Its so funny seeing her sitting in the bath waiting for a drink! She sometimes gets in when I'm having a shower too which is just weird!
She is a funny cat though as she loves going out in the rain and then rolling around in the soaking wet grass! she comes in one soggy moggy, rubs around us (more so if we have bare legs) and then shakes like a dog as close as is possible to us to ensure she gets us wet!!! Oh and then she likes to come and sit on OH's lap and leave little paw prints all over his trousers, lol!
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