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Cats can be the strangest creatures...

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A few months ago, I bought Ivo a fleece kitty bed, because I had read how much cats like fleece. I put it on her favorite sleeping place behind the front door-she ignored it. I put it next to the couch-she ignored it. I put it ON the couch-well, you get the idea.

I finally moved it next to my desk, where I have my computer. It ended up collecting a pile of stuff-shirts I wanted to donate, genealogy stuff, notes I wanted to keep. This weekend, I was "streamlining" my life, and took all of the junk off of the kitty bed.

Guess where Ivo is sleeping right now? On that damned fleece kitty bed, next to my desk where she has NEVER slept before. It may be due to the fact that I can't control the radiator in my bedroom (where the bed is) at all, and I have to open my windows, although it's in the 20's and snowing here in Cleveland. Or, as I like to think, she just likes being near her Mommy while she's on the computer.

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she wanted it to smell like your old shirts you are donating!
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I don't know about everybody else, but I want a picture!
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Well, since I'm in the old analog/film age, it may take a while until I buy more film for my camera But when I do, I'll take a pic of Ivo and her new bed!
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I like to think that it gives cats a sense of warmth and security when they can have us close by. And by the way, I want to see a picture too!
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I've been wanting to get Ophelia a fleece bed, but haven't for exactly that reason. She would probably ignore it. Maybe I'll have to reconsider and get it for her, pretend it's not really for her and then she'll like it more.
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LOL. We bought Asim and Isha a little kitty hut/bed from Petsmart when we first got them at about 4 months old.

We held on to it for about a week, but they WOULD NOT USE IT! No matter where I placed it, or put cat nip in it, etc. One of them slept on top of I for a moment I believe.

However, on our way back to the store, to return it, my cats slept in it then!!! they both cuddled right in it, into the back seat. Now mind you at this time, my 2 cats were well traveled, they didn't mind the car at all, didn't freak out by it. They were having their usual fun time, but right before we pulled into the parking lot, we looked back, and there they were cuddled together in the little hut.

We returned it anyway.

It was kinda like this. I suppose since it's been almost 3 years they don't make my exact model anymore. My cats would never fit in this now adays, I don't think either one of them could shove their bodies in something like this!

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When we first brought our nutballs inside they slept in the oyster-shell type bed for a couple of days. After that they would only sleep on paper! Boxes, our papers, cardboard - it was so weird! I finally ended up putting paper in the bed and voila! They slept in it again.

Now they're spoiled boys and love the soft cushy stuff. Except the sheepskin. Lazlo LOVES it - but can't step on it without kneading and purring to himself - so if he's not in the mood and we drop him onto one of them he IMMEDIATELY jumps off! SHelly doesn't like the sheepskin at all and won't go near it.

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BTW... I think she just wants to be next to mommy!
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BTW... I think she just wants to be next to mommy!
Well, that's true, because when I'm on the computer (OK, visiting TCS) Ivo will wind her way in between my legs, begging for loving. But how do explain her sleeping there when I'm watching "That 70's Show"?
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