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New Kitten Problem

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Hello Everybody,

My girlfriend and I got a new kitten 7 days ago. He was born on Easter. We took him to the vet for his checkup and first shots Friday and the vet says he is healthy.

The problem is that he is urinating in my bed at night. All day he uses the litter box but as soon as I lie down to sleep he urinates rigth next to me!

Can anybody give me advice with this?

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By the way, the kitten (Max) was a feral kitten born by a mother that somebody I knew saved when she was pregnant. Max was born inside so I don't know if that means just the mother was feral It is our first cat.

Here is Max:
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Oh, he's an adorable little thing.

He may be peeing next to you as a comfort sort of behavior and because of his age. Maybe he just doesn't want to leave you at night?
One option is to not have him sleep with you, the other is to make sure he goes to his litter box. Put him in it before bed, and again then later if you feel him waking up. Hopefully as he gets older or with you showing him, he'll figure it out.
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Yes, you know he does cry at 6am and I have to get up just to get him to go. Other times he tries endlessly to wake me up. It is funny, the vet laughed when I said he was doing it next to my leg and he said, "hey, he likes you!." I try to put him in before bed but he jumps out.

Another behavior I notice is he will not eat or drink much while I am at work. As soon as I am home..chow down time, as if he needs me there.

Other than this, he is a great kitten. I have actually been sleeping on the couch because when I do, he sleeps with me but does not pee.
post #5 of 12 me, it sounds like this is "normal" for a kitten born to a feral mom who's always had littermates. He could not be making it to the litterbox in time. Or he might not feel safe enough to leave you.

This may sound like really dumb advice, but if you can afford, have the space for, & are willing.....I would adopt another kitty. Perhaps one slightly older...6+ months, that can show Max how to use the litterbox.
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That is funny because it is exacltly what my aunt told me who is a big cat person her entire life.

The problem is, I have a small condo and I really do not have room for two.

He will grow out of this right? I would like to sleep on my bed again sometime and we really like the kitten, so we are willing to work with him.
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Hi and Welcome! He is too cute!

I would suggest another cat as well. I have two in a 350 sq foot apartment. One just gets too lonely. I never realized just how lonely Seb was until I brought Daphne home.

Perhaps you could have a small litter pan in the bedroom until he is a bit older? That way he wouldn't have to leave the comfort of you
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Well the bedroom, it is a studio

To be honest with you all, there is really no pets allowed in my building. I knew someone else had a cat so we got one. We get nervous already getting him to the car for the vet. We have really fallen in love with him so if they told me I had to get rid of him, I would move.

I could put a small one next to the bed if you think it would help, or I could stay on the couch for a few months. He has no problem getting on or off the bed because there is furniture near it he climbs on to.

Somebody suggested to me that he may not like his litter? This does not make sense to me where he goes all day..Any thoughts? I use, The Worlds Best Cat Litter.
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What an adorable little kitten. I was wondering if, like any baby, he might just be sleeping to deeply that he doesn't wake up to get to the litter box. How old is he? He looks pretty young. Is he sleeping through the peeing, or is he getting up and coming over to your leg to pee?
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How cute! We have a kitten colored almost just like him! He's Zoe's cousin and his name is Sherbert.

It is possible he doesn't feel safe leaving your bed, or maybe he's afraid he can get down but not up. Try using pillows, comforters, and blankets and pile them up beside your bed to he can go up and down; show him how to use them. Cause if this a nighttime-thing, then it's not the litter or that he doesn't know how. He also may sleep really deep... I don't really know! Sorry!

(Lucky! He'll sleep with you, Zoe constantly wakes me up! )
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Sleep? I wish. He is just like a baby, sleep for one hour, trample all over me the next! He is about 10 weeks old.

I slept on the couch last night and he went in the litter box. I guess you all are right that the bed is just to high for him.
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Yeah, I bet that's the problem. Try putting up "stairs" like I mentioned, and put the litterbox within 1 ft or so of the bottom of these "stairs" and see if that makes a difference.

*laughs* Max sounds like my Zoe (9 weeks)! She sleeps in my crate as-of-now, cause she'll sleep 7-8 hours in there. In bed with me, I'm lucky for 3.5 hours of sleep! Funny little monkeys aren't they?
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