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For a friend - who truly loves animals

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A friend of mine who I have known for 9 years has already lost 3 cats all within a year of each other. He loves both cats and dogs equally and takes care of them. He has always adopted seeing how there are so many in the world that want a place to call home.
I feel so bad for him since losing 3 cats, he has another, called Dude, a pure white cat, who suffers from renal failure can no longer get up at this point and he doesn't think will make it through the night. He has another, his most dearest and devoted friend Mamacat, who is the last.
His dog rex, has been having problems of late being able to get up on his own. At times he seems ok and others, not so great. He is the sweetest golden retreiver I know.
Foxy, a mix eskimo dog, was just recently diagnosed with heartworm and it's very bad. She always was the alpha dog.
Going back to Mamacat, my friend found her in the boonies on a military base and knew she had kittens. He told her to show him her kittens and she did. So someone had just dumped her out there to survive on her own along with having kittens in the wild. It took him a month of daily contact, feeding, and just familiarity to finally be able to get close to the kittens. She had had three, but by the time he could get to them, there was not but one left.
He kept her for himself and made sure the kitten found a good home. Of late, she has developed tumors or cysts that are on one side of her body. They have done surgery a few times to have it removed, but since it has developed again, there is no more tissue surrounding the area that they can use to remove the cyst. So now it is just a matter of time before she will have to be put to sleep.
All in all, he will lose Rex, Dude, Foxy, and Mamacat all within a short period of time. I feel so bad and there is nothing that I can say or do that will relieve his grief. I am most worried when his Mamacat passes on because he loves that cat more than anything and he will be devastated beyond grief.
It is hard enough to lose one, but to lose so many in upcoming days, weeks, and many even months is beyond my capacity to comprehend. I just didn't know what else to do and hope that with time he his heart can heal.
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Oh my word all those poor babies

RIP little ones

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I am sending many thoughts and prayers to your friend to help him through this difficult time.
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I'll be praying for strength for your friend. I can't even imagine the pain. I'm about to lose my mind of the possibility that one of my cats has cancer, but to loose all of them would probably put me in the nut house. I wish I had some words of wisdom to tell you how to help, but I think the best thing you can do is listen. Let him greive, and encourage him that it's OK to feel all the things he's feeling, but keep an eye on him and don't be afraid to tell him if you think he might need proffsional help. You know him better than anyone, but for me when I'm most worried about my cats helping out at a shelter gets my mind off my babies and onto those that don't have homes, at least for a little while.
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My heart goes out to your friend. I know how hard it is to lose one, I can't even imagine losing all of your beloved animals in such a short time.
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Dude passed away last night so it's only a matter of time before the others will also. It's hard when you know it is coming.
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My prayers are with him.

RIP babies
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I am sending hugs and prayers from Mississippi for your friend.

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While I can't imagine how much it would hurt to lose all of them at once, and i'm near tears just thinking about what it would be like losing my two, I hope your friend can take comfort from the knowledge that the ones who have passed on will play happily on the bridge, healthy once more
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Rex, his big lovable golden retreiver is now gone. He did not take him to the vet, but put him down himself. After he buried him, he just cried. It's only been a week since Dude left. I am dreading his Mamacat going. He loves her more than anything. I told him in life, pets can change your life, they can bring joy and love, but like us, they depart. What would his world have been like without them? He gave them all a second chance at life. No one could ask for anything more.
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I'm praying for your friend. Bless him for helping so many animals, and bless you for helping him. I'm sure it helps him more than anything just having friends like you who are there for him, who care about him and understand his grieving, but you'll find some specific tips for helping him here:

And this site

has some wonderful resources, including a page with hotlines he can call for help.

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