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cat spa?

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i'm not sure where to put this post. it's not really a care & grooming question or health & nutrition question...

does anyone have the cat spa? and does your kitty like it? if you have multiple kitties, how many like it?

i have a discount code for free shipping (stimpy's birthday ) and that's the only thing i could find that kind of sounded cool. plus it's on sale through 6/8.
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I used to have one. Molly liked it, but I wouldn't say she loved it. She would lay on it and rub her head all over the brushes.

We used to have one of the self-grooming brushes (halfway down the page) and she liked that a lot more.

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We have one, Bumper I would say loves it, but he loves anything he can groom himself with, he also has one of those self brush things Karen linked to, an arch groom and those self groomer things that stick to the corner of a wall.

The others are not so bothered, I occasionally see them on it, but not enough that I would buy them another one
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hmmmm...i'm thinking we'll just get they pyramid from walmart instead. i know they'd play with that.
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I used to have one and Magpie, bridge baby, loved it. If he wasn't grooming himself with it he'd be lying on the dimpled sections. Jaffa was never fussed with it but he would chew the bit in the middle.
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We have one and they all like it, but Biscotte isn't quite sure yet - she is still unsure about catnip! The others all roll all over it as soon as I refill it, and fight each other over it. But both Wellington and Ellie can open it up to get at the catnip.
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i will have to reconsider again. all these people whose kitties like it.
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