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My parents feed a couple of stray/outdoor cats. she came home today to find the recently born kittens in her back yard.

The pictures are a little big, just to warn you. ENJOY!!!

Kittens & their mom


Checkin out the grass

The little black one
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they are so cute, but i'd be so scared to let my babies outside
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They are soooo cute. I just want to grab one and cuddle it/them..
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The one looks like he/she is playing peek-o-boo!
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Look at those cuties, so adorable
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We don't know who the cat and kittens belong to, if anyone.

There is another neighbor that was taking them in during the winter/colder nights for shelter until the subdivision slapped a lawsuit on her.

My mom really would like to catch the mother and get her spayed. Maybe she'll be able to catch the kittens
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Adorable! Is she going to try to find homes for the kittens?
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Aww, they are so sweet. I wish you could catch the mom and kittens and bring them inside to safety.
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The cuteness alert was not enough......LOL
They are way to cute
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OMG, that black one looks just like Tucker! What a punchkin!
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Oh Jenny, they are so sweet....

It sounds like you have a thing for the black one.....
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I just checked my email and there are more pictures!!!

too bad none are of their faces...still, those little fuzzy bodies....

Kittens eating

I'm Full! Let's go play!

Off to new adventures!
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They look so much like my kits it's not even funny. (But it is. ) Love the new pictures, put up more soon!
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OMG they are Darling, can she get close to them at all...I always feel so sorry for them because they are so afraid of people..
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She hasn't tried to touch them yet. If Saturday is nice I may go over there and hang out on the deck (bringing a couple of *new* toys for them).

My only concern is the human scent I would leave on them. I remember reading as a kid that if baby hamsters have the human scent on them, then the mother hamster will eat it. Since then I've always feared touching anything wild as a baby
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