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My cat goes out at night

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Its the time of year, when we have stray foxes, and others that may harm my cat, the thing is, he sleeps all day, then wont let us sleep if we keep him in, so he is out all night

what is your advise on getting him to stay in all night?
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I would suggest not letting him sleep all day! Play with him, give him lots of entertaining toys and make him work. That way he'll sleep at night!
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if you can deal with it, i'd just keep him in, period. you'd hate to wake up the next morning and not have a kitty come home
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Well, he should be let out. But in town, only under supervision but for atleast two hours a day. Outdoor time for you, just have to watch your cat. But like I said, try to wear your cat out during the day so he sleeps better at night. Put him in a room by himself sop he doesn't disturb you too much. Soon he'll learn to be quiet and sleep at night.
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Originally Posted by gaogier View Post

Its the time of year, when we have stray foxes, and others that may harm my cat, the thing is, he sleeps all day, then wont let us sleep if we keep him in, so he is out all night

what is your advise on getting him to stay in all night?
don't open the door, you have the opposable thumbs, not the cat.
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Ugh...the leaving the indoor/outdoor kittie in at night! Well here I will share my experience, we have 2 indoor/outdoor kitties and well Midnight wasnt my choice as he is my brothers cats, and Willie was always indoor/outdoor and it we have tried to make him indoor only but it never worked! So instead I made him indoor at night (hes mostly in during the day sleeping, but also when hes out he is usually in front of the house) But Willie does spend some time during the day out, and well I go check on him like crazy...Willie has had a tendancy to go missing at night so thats why I made this rule! What I do is I let him in at night around 9 o clock, sometimes later! But he will sit at the door and everything and I just tell him a firm NO and to go lay down and it usually works, and if it doesnt all he does is sit at the door...but now at night he usually follows me around like crazy which I dont mind! I dont think you will have much of a problem doing that if your cat isnt a talker, and if he/she is then I would just suggest try to drown out the sound somehow, maybe whenever you bring him in you could play with each other for a little bit and get him nice and tired! Also try not to let him sleep most of the day, get him up and playing! Like during the day maybe get some of his favorite toys and start playing with him! Thats what I do with mine who are indoor just so they will sleep at night whenever I am sleeping which they do! Willie though is 11 years old, but like I said he is out off and on all day, and then once night fall hits he has to come in! He does however get a can of cat food too when he comes in! I really hope this made sense to you and helped you out a little bit!
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He dose not use a litter tray anymore, so he has to go out side right? if not no idea where he is, and if he is awake at night, then he will really need to go and do his stuff
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It is not that difficult to retrain a cat to sleep at night and go out and stay awake in the day. And you can get a litter box for night time emergencies, though an adult cat should be able to go all night without problems. I always had a box for mine and it was rarely used if they went outside during the day. You may suffer for a few weeks but it is worth it to get them to be in sync with you, and to keep them safe at night, when the majority of accidents happen to cats.
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Letting a cat out nowadays is dangerous. I live in a very rural area. I let two cats of mine go outside at night, usually after about 9 PM. I thought they would be relatively safe, but I was wrong. One morning neither one of them came when I called. I started to panic. I kept calling and calling. I walked up and down the street to make sure they weren't lying in the road. I came back, and called again.. nothing. I kept calling every half hour or so. Finally, I heard a "meow". It was one of my missing cats. She was severely injured and could hardly move. How she got up the steps to my deck is a miracle. She had a "crushed hip" - not just broken - crushed! I brought her in and immediately took her to the vet. She had surgery, which cost me almost $700. Then, while that cat was still at the vet, the other missing cat showed up. She was in the garage and meowed when I went out to call. She was very weak and could barely stand. I then also rushed her to the vet. To make a long story short, the cat with the broken hip was most likely caught in a trap. Her hip was broken by the force, and the rest of the damage was done because she actually pulled herself out of it. The other cat was "poisoned". She suffered permanant brain damage and was blind for weeks. She was literally walking in circles and the vets gave me no hope. However, she did survive. Her sight returned, but her brain damage was permanent. She is nothing like the cat she used to be, but she is "aware" and I can't bring myself to "put her to sleep". So it's not just cayotes and foxes you need to worry about. It's your neighbors who may simply hate cats. Keep your cats in to keep them safe. It only takes about two weeks in my experience for an "outdoor" cat to learn to be an "indoor cat"...
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Im really sorry to hear that.

When he comes back in, ill close the door on him, and let him out at night, the funny thing is with him, he is still a kitten, only 8 months old, but he is soo big, his body comes up to my knee, then you got the head, and neck, which is bigger, and our fridge door dont close properly, so he can get in there and eat our food.

There are hundreds of cats around this area, so the main problem is foxes. Even though, my neighbours cat has dragged in, 3 of them, in 2 months, dead, or dieing, i dont know if he was the one to kill them, but my cat and this cat are like best friends...
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is your cat neutered?
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Well start by playing with him more in the day - wake him up. Train him to a harness/leash and sit outside during the afternoon. After supper, play with him even more with fishing toys, laser lights, etc.

Then keep him in one room at night (with litter pan) till he quiets down for sleeping. Have a nice comfortable bed he likes to sleep in/on.

I forgot to ask that question too - is he neutered? If not, get him done next week!
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we are getting him done, he is booked in, but the earliest appointment is in like, 3months.

currently looking for a new vet.

he has been up for over 12 hours now, but i have to go out for 6-7 hours, when i get back, should i wake him up, and play with him, till around, 9pm, then let him sleep, will he sleep all night?
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Yeah, wake him up and play for 20-30 mins if you can to wear him out. Might not make him sleep ALL nite, but it will help.

How old is he? If he's over 6 months old, he is thinking "tomcat" and that is why he wants out - to breed!

And I would find a new vet quickly - no reason to be waiting around 3 MONTHS to have him neutered!
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he just turned 8 months

is this normal, my cat loves water?

last night he went and thought he was a pig, as he came back, and he rolled in mud. I went out and got some cat shampoo, and he liked being in the shower, then, we put the shampoo on him, he hatted that, but put the shower back on him and he loved it, we got him out after, and he ran back into the shower, like he wanted more, and
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