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Here are a few pics of my girl Georgi she is 4 months now! Growing way too fast We are almost ready for another baby.

Having a nap

Can you spot the kitty?

She is actually sitting on the top of the door here - she climbs up the screen and then onto the door. I have to rescue her every time!

Im not sure how she got up here or what she is trying to accomplish .. anyhow

I will post some more a bit later on !
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Awww What a cutie!
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What a cutie pie

They really do grow so fast
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She is a Dare devil huh
What a cutie pie
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I love the picture of her on top of the door. She looks like she is saying
"ok, catch me". she has beauiful dark orange eyes, and I love the little tips on her ears
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Ah what a cutie she is Shes got those beautiful round eyes
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Oh look at that little face full of mischief!!. She's gorgeous
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She's beautiful! What a sweet baby you have
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How beautiful and full of mischief she seems!
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Here is a couple more pics of my little tart

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shes full of beans that one what a darling

Miss Moofi used to climb door and sit on the top - it looked really weird at first, but she did it all the time so you never noticed her most time
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