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5 weeks old!

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Sasha's babies are 5 weeks old now. They're getting big now, they're creeping dangerously close to the 1 pound mark , they're all using the litter box now, and three of them (Captain Squishy, Garfield & Domino) are eating canned food. Garfield is starting to climb out of his pen and he loves to walk around on the bed and play. He's definitely the most outgoing of the group. Every day we debate on which kittens we're keeping for sure. Here are their 5 week old pictures...




Captain Squishy Fuzzypants a.k.a Slingshot (yes, John makes me type the entire thing every time ):



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awww they are adorable! and greysen and domino really look like siamese
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oh my !! look at those sweet cherubs bet things are fun in your place eh
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Aww, they are so sweet! You should keep them all!!!
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They are just the cutest little kids! What sweet faces they all have!
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They are all very adorable I agree, you should keep them all!
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LOL, I would keep them all if I could, but it's just not possible. Jack and Greysen already have definite homes, and Garfield might as well. We're definitely keeping Captain Squishy, and I'm told I can keep two others... since the foster kitties are finding homes as well after the babies are weaned, we'll have a total of 8 cats if we keep three kittens. I'm just having so much trouble deciding which two I want to keep!
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Eenie Meenie Miney Mo always worked for me lol
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