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chicken broth

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I was talking to my mom about wet food and she saw that the cans had Chicken broth as an ingredient. So she asked if i could mix chicken broth from the grocery store with their dry food. I thought it was a good idea but then asked what the sodium was and she said a lot but you can but low sodium ones too. I was wondering if that would be ok?
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You could always make your own chicken broth - cheaper and probably much more healthy
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I would not use commercial chicken broth..many times they list 'natural flavors' or other vague, non-specific terms for what seasonings/herbs are used. It is possible this means onion and/or garlic, neither of which are a good idea for your kitty.

Homemade is cheaper, fresher, and totally under your control...just cook by boiling some chicken wings or legs, wee bit of salt, no other seasoning.
Be sure to use fresh chicken versus the frozen "injected with x percent of x solution". ;-)
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As far as making chicken broth, I agree with Pat & Alix, it is much healthier to make your own, you know what is going in it.

I have also seen recommendations that you only use liquids on dry food if your cat eats all of it in one sitting as it causes bacteria problems when left out wet
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