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finally decided

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Well I bought two cans of Felidae wet food (not chicken and rice) and Neko likes it and Willie loves it, so we are sticking to it. My Dad was hoping I would not stick to this wet food thing because he thinks wet food in general too expensive but I think if we but two cans every once in a while we can save it up just fine. Plus a blockage or crystals would cost much more and lead to a lot of sad people at our house. I can't go totally wet though since that WOULD be too expensive. I can't feed it every day either. I was wondering how much i should feed it. Is twice a week OK or would that be useless? It is a five ounce can and I fed them as much as they would eat which was...well very little for Neko and the perfect amount for Willie (basically until he stopped, it was a good amount). I had put some dry food in to get Neko to eat it so maybe that is why he filled up so fast. After I fed them only half the can was gone so they each ate about a fourth of the five ounce can. Is that enough?? Sorry wet food is totally new to me. The food is a really good price only .89 per can. Do you think it would be cheaper to buy in bulk or to continue getting the cans separately?
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As far as buying the cans, whatever works best for you.

If they are also eating dry, you need to cut down the amount of dry they eat when you give them wet to make sure they are not getting too much.

The two of mine who can / will eat wet only eat about 2oz each
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