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I just looked down into the puppy pen and the two little girls Casey and Abby are playing for the first time! Its very funny and very ackward looking but its obviously their first attempt at playing. I didnt realized puppies started playing at such a young age! They are only about 2 1/2 weeks now. They are getting so big and cute theyve been upgraded from a little pet taxi to a medium dog crate. They started wagging their tails a couple days ago too. It so cute. They give kisses now and Im totally in love. If I ever find my camera again Ill post more pictures of them. They are getting really cute and big. They weigh from 2.2 lbs-2.8 lbs. They are growing up. Did I mention they are eating 5 oz each every feeding! Thats more then what Ari eats at one feeding!