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Vibes for Indie

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Indie (a.k.a. Indiana Joan) is a feral cat that we've taken care of for 13 years now. She's socialized somewhat to us, but has never taken the leap to come inside the house. Her health has been slowly declining over the last year and the last few weeks have been hard on her. She is wheezing badly and losing fur, although her appetite has not diminished.

We got some antibiotics from the vet which we have been giving her since Friday. They are pill form and I was completely amazed when she allowed us to simply walk up to her with a pill gun and give them to her. My indoor cats aren't that easy with pills!!! We've also upgraded her food to help with her coat.

Any vibes for our little Indie girl would be appreciated. She's out lived nearly every feral cat that I've heard of and I would like to see her thrive for a while longer. She's a tough little one!

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Mega {{{vibes}}} for sweet Indie.
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Sending prayers for Indie from me and the entire clan (indoor and out). She's a beautiful girl.

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Sending lots of vibes for Indie. She's a beauty.
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Lots and lots of {{{{prayers and vibes}}}} for Indie. She is gorgeous indeed Congratulations on doing such a great job with her - she certainly has outlived the odds against being an outdoor cat
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Sending prayers and vibes to sweet Indie. Please keep us posted on how she is doing! Thanks for doing such a good job caring for her, as well!
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Thanks everyone!! I'm probably being hopeful here, but she does seem a bit more perky in the last 24 hours. Perhaps the antibiotics are finally kicking in. She's still sneezing pretty bad, but doesn't sound as congested as she had been.

We weren't sure that she would make it through the winter this year. Once again she proved how strong she is.

Keep those vibes coming - we're still a long way from being out of the woods!
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I was so glad to read she is getting more perky! Here's hoping the antibiotics are indeed working. I will keep sending good vibes and prayers for Indie.
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Well, her wheezing is nearly gone and there are only occassional sneezes. I've only missed one dose of medicine a few days ago when it was pouring rain and she was under the deck staying dry. We have a few more days of meds to give her then I'm going to switch her to prednisone to help her allergies. She's always had them but they are really bad this spring.
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Many vibes for your sweet Indie
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More stay healthy <<vibes>> for Indie.
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Sending hugs and prayers from Mississippi for Indie, I hope she continues to get better.

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I am sending positive vibes that she will make it and be even better (and maybe come inside!!)

She is a really beautiful little girl. I like her name too!
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Originally Posted by BarbB View Post
She is a really beautiful little girl. I like her name too!
There's a funny story behind her name. Back in the days when I was really cat ignorant, I didn't realize that torbies were females. My DH just got back from a trip to the Indie 500 and we both loved the movie Indiana Jones. We first called her Indiana Jones until we took "him" to the vet to be neutered and found out that he was a she. So the name quickly became Indiana Joan, or just Indie for short. She was the 4th feral cat that we took on but the other 3 were a lot easier to handle.

She won't come inside. When we moved to this house I kept her in our sun porch for about 6 weeks to get her acclimated to the new territory and had to fight to keep her inside the entire time. When I let her out, she hung around but never wants to come back inside. We've resigned ourselves that she will be outside until she is too ill to fight us on the topic. Perhaps its a good sign that she still doesn't want to come inside even though she is ill right now. She knows its cushy in here.
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How is Indie doing now?
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