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New Pictures

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Got out the camera this morning and took some pictures of all the kittens that I have available - well, all but the Bramble that I posted pictures of last week.
These are Peterbalds - hairless and straight coats:
Hairless Chocolate girl (8 weeks old):

Straight Coat Peterbald (8 weeks)

Another straight coat Peterbald (8 weeks):

Hairless Peterbald (3 weeks old):

Another hairless Peterbald (3 weeks old):

And one Bramble girl (almost 8 weeks old). This one is going to be what we call a suede coat. Will make a great pet for someone:
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I love the 3 week old hairless one!
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those kittens are very beautiful and i'm not one for hairless/little hair cats.

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Thanks! I am having a blast with this many kittens around. Hope I can place some soon, though.

The ones with hair - 2 chocolates - will have a regular short coat. Just like an Oriental Shorthair.
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Originally Posted by Renovia View Post
those kittens are very beautiful and i'm not one for hairless/little hair cats.

I am the same

And o my they are just soo darling, and their eyes
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OMG! The face on the little 3 week old is to die for! How sweet they are - and I do love the straight coats, as well! Great photos you are taking! They are just wonderful kittens!
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Thank all of you so much. They are a blast and SO adorable to me, so it so much fun to share.
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Gorgeous kitties
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No offense but they slightly resemble little shaved monkies. Hehe. They are cute!
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Aww how cute. How do you not keep them all? Love the hairless.......
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